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I've been looking for a good video card for my HTPC to replace a passively cooled (vanilla) Nvidia 6600. I intend to hook it to my 1080P LCD TV using HDMI to unify my sound + video cables. The TV has 4 HDMI ports ,one RGB port and 0 DVI. I'm currently using the RGB port, but I'd rather use the HDMI for a digital connection. I already have a DVI/HDMI adapter, and I'm having some weird issues using it, so I'd rather stick with native HDMI.

So I ask the community: What do you think? What are the best cards for the job? Do you hate the idea of HDMI?

Side note:
With the native HDMI video cards that do sound as well, they always have some sort of pass-through for the SPDIF. It seems to me that some of the graphics chip vendors could integrate some sound processing into their chips and simultaneously eliminate the need for the pass through and add a feature that could be used as a differentiator in the product lines. Would that not be a great idea?
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  1. I guess noone has an opinion...
  2. If you aren't going to be doing any gaming on it, I suggest getting an HD 2600 Pro. All of the HD series cards have HDMI and they also process the video for you so your CPU doesn't take the load. As far as HDMI is concerned, it's the best way to go.
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