4x OCZ Core SSDs WOW!!!

Well I got my SSD drives for my i7 rig, and I couldn't be happier. My minimum transfer is twice as fast as the average I used to have with 2x WD 640s.

Heres a link of HD tune, what do you think?

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  1. hahaha. I get 85 MB/sec. with my 150 gig Raptor. Wanna' trade for the cooler sounding brand name? LOl.
  2. Na I'll take the lame name with the insane speeds.
  3. Those speeds are staggering. So what is 5x minimum the speed of a normal man's common raptor like?
  4. Its like heaven. LOL. The best thing they cost $69.99 a piece.

    Theres not alot of storage, but thats what why raid 0 wd 640s do.
  5. My startup times went down to 21 seconds also.
  6. Nice. Can you run a write test please? I gave you a link in the Core i7 thread. Unlike most write benches it won't wipe out your data. Feel free to post the results any time you feel like. My experience with MediaFire is after a few weeks the images go off line for a while then come back up, consider posting pics on Flicker.
  7. Nice, ive been thinking about this for awhile.

    A few concerns... RAID 0... how reliable are these drives?
    RAID 0(2-4 SSD's)+1(std hdd) still worth it speed-wise?

    Id love the speed, but its not worth losing everything over.
  8. It is well worth it to me.
  9. mrmez said:
    Nice, ive been thinking about this for awhile.

    A few concerns... RAID 0... how reliable are these drives?
    RAID 0(2-4 SSD's)+1(std hdd) still worth it speed-wise?

    Id love the speed, but its not worth losing everything over.

    Why would RAID 0+1 with four SSD's and one HDD be fast? It seems like the 0 side would spend most of its time in a wait state as data is written to the +1 side?

    Unless you're only looking for quick reads and don't care about write performance...
  10. It mostly about the reads. But the rights dont lack to bad on the other drives @ 181MB/s write.
  11. Specifically which SSDs did you get?

    Do you do any gaming? If so, how does it affect your gaming?
  12. Could you provide a link to the exact drive you bought, and where you found them for 69.99. Ty
  13. They were 32GB OCZ Core HDs, and he has 4 of them. That's still not a great deal per GB, but they do look fast.
  14. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227359

    I game on my xbox 360. This rig is for work, pleasure :) and videos.

    All I got is a 4670 GPU so I cant really try any highend games.
  15. Its a super deal $$/Speed. Storage is hella cheap these days. With the price of these and how fast they are, there in no reason not to use them for os and apps.
  16. Oh ok, what threw me off was in the pic it shows a raid 0 volume of 128gb.
  17. road runner, i'm curious... I have a 64 GB version of an OCZ ssd drive, its blazingly fast with read speeds... write speeds its AWFUL in...

    Random writes... My system can hang for upto 5 minutes... FIVE GODDAM MINUTES... i was wondering if you have the same freezing issue with RAID as OCZ SSD users have with single drives... or if it isn't there at all...

    Cause i'm thinking about getting a second one in the future for raid

    Also are you using a dedcated RAID card, or the mobos raid features?

    At lucuis, RAID 0 as I understand Stripes the data onto the different disks...

    If you have 4 disks, the data is basically cut up into 4 pieces, and each piece is written on a different drive, thereby making maximum write/read performance four times as much while at the same time increasing the data capacity the same amount
  18. I have had no hangs at all yet.

    Can you reproduce the hangs on demand? If so I will do what you do and see if i get any.

    ACHI mode is a no no for these drives.

    I also dont use a pagefile, and I use write back cache on my drives. I believe this would help with random writes.

    Raid 0 adds all your space together like one drive.

    Im using the raid controller on my Asus P6T. R10
  19. Hmm. I don't know why, but i always thought RAID0 just increased speed, not space. Thank you for clarifying that.
  20. I cannot seem to replicate the freezes... they sometimes freeze while on the desktop... doing nothing obvious at all...

    ACHI? I'm unfamiliar with this, is it a motherboard setting? I've read something that says that it should be turned off, i'll do some good google searching

    I still need a page file as I don't have a very nice 6 GB of ram :D

    Write back cache? Is this a windows setting or something? I've turned off almost all write caching and pre-fetching in my windows copy have turned off parts of the indexing service which use the HDD extensively

    Nice job with raid w/o a card, I hear if you get a dedicated card though, those write times will dramatically increase

    Ignore all gramatical mistakes please, english is my worst subject :(

    Literally have 5 A's and then a C
  21. Just for comparison:

    Here is roadrunners benches (taken forom his Core i7 thread):
    Here is my 320GB Seagate:

    You could generally say that the new OCZ Core SSDs are faster than the 7200.10 drives.
  22. Quote:
    ACHI? I'm unfamiliar with this, is it a motherboard setting?

    Yes. It is a BIOS setting. Look under "Advance Settings" or under HDD settings.
  23. Here is another bench that shows reads and rights accuratly.

  24. Ill run that bench wen I get home.
  25. ^ It's already fixed with a BIOS update.

    These all relate to improper translations or error reporting, and all of those that impact functionality have been fixed via BIOS updates prior to Core i7 launch.

  26. Quote:
    What are you gonna do when the TLB errata presents itself? Are you gonna trade in your i7 for a i7.5?
    Sorry, could'nt resist.

    Dont be a hater:)
  27. nice set up man, i wish i did the same instead of getting 2x raid-0

    how did you mount the 4 SSD's and can u post up some pics

  28. LoL. They are mounted on the floor right now. Still looking into a mounting system.

    I can get one screw in with my current drive bays so i think i will make a modification to mount then in my existing bays. Gonna have to bust out the dremel and the drill.
  29. Boot up time 18.6 seconds.

    Any one who has used CPU-z knows it takes a while to start. It starts in 3 seconds on these bad boys.

  30. yeah my drive is just chilling in my case... no mounting system at all...

    not bad either cause when i have enough cash i'll be getting a better case that I can cut up with a dremel with better results :D

    probably gonna remove HDD cage so....
  31. Ima make some brackets out of a pizza pan.
  32. My results with ATTO:

    Seriously, now I'm tempted to get 2 of those and a RAID card my main every day use PC. Planing on building a music production build soon, so this SSDs will eliminate one more thing that makes noise.
  33. You dont need a deticated card, but whatever floats your boat.

    For some reason you images arent clickable.

    Wow i got it took work. Time to upgrade lol.
  34. ^ Really? Image should be click able.

    The reason I need a RAID card is that I have a spare P45-DS3L which doesn't have RAID (not even opened). So why not spend $50-60 for a good RAID card and use that board? ;)
  35. Oh if you dont have built in raid, ya you got to get something.
  36. ^Any recommendations under $50 for RAID card? PCie x1 or PCI doesn't really matter.
  37. Im not really sure. The ones I looked at were $400+

    I do have a cheap $10 one that I use for modding xbox 360s. I might see what it can do.

    Maybe sell your unopened mobo and buy one with R10?

    I got another bench also.

  38. That one isn't your hard drives though - that one's RAM :)

    Here's mine:

    What do you get on the HDD read test suite though?

    This one:

    On an interesting side note, every program except CPUz seems to read my current clocks wrong. Despite the fact that my actual clock looks like this:

    almost every other program reads it just like Everest does in the shot above, showing 3207MHz (with a 24x multiplier).
  39. Man, Core i7 REALLY increased the memory performance :( I'm still under 10000 MB/s in that stuff.... :( boo hoo for me... w/e doesn't really affect what I do all that much so :)
  40. A few people must of liked my HDD speeds because the drives sold out real fast all of the sudden.

    I think maybe I should get paid for the advertisement.
  41. Very nice. Are you using the built in Intel raid, and if so, do you have the write back cache enabled?
  42. Yup, and yup.

  43. roadrunner beat that! Over 1GB transfer rate! Care to guess how? [Hint: Look at my desktop]
  44. I missed the hint. What gives?
  45. I'm guessing he's referring to the photoshop icon. =P.

    After reading this thread, i'm considering getting a couple of these ssd's. However, I'm not sure if it would be bottlenecked/be compatible with my current system? My current build is: asus p5b deluxe, e6600 @ 3ghz, 3gb ddr2 800, 320 gb seagate hdd (7200.10 i think), 9800gtx. If this would work, how would I go about implementing two of these ssds as raid 0 and then my 320gb drive as storage? Is there a thread somewhere that could help me with that?


  46. You got ICH8R, I'm not sure how well they work on that old of a controller, make sure you update your chipset drivers to the latest and any raid/sata drivers you can find that are newer then you got.

    Well your not the only one impressed, Newegg sold out of all of their 30G SSDs after I posted this thread. LOL, I think I need some compensation.

    First you set the Bios to raid then you reboot, press CTRL I and create your raid, I used 128 stripe. If your on XP you need a driver disk for raid/sata during the install of os, if your on vista you dont. Install Os on raid drives and use other drive for storage.
  47. Ramdisk?
  48. Thanks, Roadrunner. You'll have to excuse me...I know very little about storage tech, so I just have a few more questions.

    1. I just want to confirm that my current build wouldn't be a bottleneck (aside from possibly my southbridge chipset).

    2. If my southbridge would be a bottleneck, is there a good, inexpensive raid card I could use? I checked newegg, but couldn't find anything I could get comfortable with.

    3. I noticed that this OCZ SSD has a SATA II connector. I know that my MB only has SATA I connectors. Do I need to have SATA II connectors on my MB or on a RAID card? or is it backwards compatible technology?

    4. Lastly, would I have to reformat my current hard drive? Is there a way I can remove the OS from it without deleting all my files, so I can just switch the boot drive to the SSDs?

    Thanks again,

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