Vista 64 Bit + 2 x 500 gb 32mb Cache...


Just recently built a new computer.
I installed Vista 64 Bit Business and have had no problems.

I was wondering, since a friend has the same hard drive setup as me (2x500gb Seagate Sata2 with 32 mb Cache), why he has faster transfer rates (same 7200 rpm).

I was thinking that in my BIOS selections, I have these drives setup incorrectly.
Is there a faster way to set these up?
Do I want it in RAID/AHCI mode or in SATA/IDE mode?
Should I RAID 0/1 these drives - I mostly game on this computer and always want the fastest out of my components...

My rig is:
case: Thermaltake Armor
cpu: Intel Core2Duo e6850 3.0 (with stock intel cpu cooler/fan mount
RAM: 4 x 1 gb OCZ HPC edition @ 1066 bus
VIDEO: hd4870 1gb ddr5
MOBO: Gigabyte DQ6 x48 chipset
HDDs: 2 x 500gb 32mb cache Seagate (7200 rpm)
OPTI: 2 x Liteon DVD+-RW
PSU: Silverstone 800w 66a 90%+ efficiency
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  1. Sup,

    first, remove the jumpers from the hard drives. they limit your drives to only sata 1.

    Second, you want to set your bois to raid mode. Also use raid 0 for performace,

    this should give you the speed your looking for hopefully.
  2. Don't touch RAID-0 except for benchmarkturbation.
    OK, you get better transfer rates (used when loading levels)
    but lose random access performance (OS and apps or games use that a lot)
    and lose reliability.

    set it To AHCI, Vista uses AHCI for NCQ, which improves performance.

    The SATA controler on the MOBO can impact performance, so if you two don't have the same controlers... guess what? transfer rates will be different as well.
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