Can't create partition on hard drive

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure where it should go because I can't find where is the problem.
This is the story:

Medion MD41300 with dead hdd:(mechanical damage)
bought new disk(Seagate Momentus 5400.3 40GB)PATA chipest I could find:)
and now the problem:
I can't create partition on this hardrive in any way apart from pluging in as external to another system. When it's pluged in to laptop I can see it in bios,post, windows installator. I can't create partition on it. In windows installator I've got to screen where you have to choose size of partition for your's system. Whole disk is unpartitioned so pressing E to create new partition, choosing size for it Enter to confirm and I'm again on first screen and with no partitions on hard drive.Tried to boot linux live cd with gparted. When tried to create partition it says no disk label. But it wan't to create one for me unless it is loop type whatever it is. Tried to update Bios to latest version no difference. Tried to boot from usb flash with CD drive unpluged no difference. Pluged this hdd to as external to my desktop and it works perfect. I can format, create partitions, copy files on it. I've created partition and pluged back to laptop when I've got to partition screen whole disk was again unpartitioned. In Bios it shows proper model, size and serial number so there is communication with device but I don't have any more ideas what it can be and how to solve it. Thanks for any help and hope you did understud everthing as my english is not perfect:) if not ask and I'll try to explain once again.
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  1. Get a copy of UltimateBootCD ( and run a disk test, if it passes clear/wipe the disk and try re-installing Windows; if it fails the disk test, send it back.
  2. I'm downloading now but not sure if it will help. I'm wondering if it's not motherboard problem but we'll see. Only one more question which test should I run because there is quite few for hard drives?
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