Need a new card to go with....

Suggestions for a new card.

Assuming I won't overclock it.
24" monitor (I will only run games in native resolution of 1920x1200)

Don't want to pay for a card I can't use and probably won't transfer it to an new system down the road(trying to prolong the agony as long as I can)

a8n-e (sckt 939)
4200+ dual core amd
2 gigs patriot ram
435 watt ps
2 hard drives running in raid with parity
Currently running a 7600gt

My 7600gt is running COD4 between 24-45 fps. It's VERY hard to aim at someone screaming toward you at 24 fps and get a decent score. My ability to rate at the top of the rung has slipped greatly since acquiring this monitor.

My current card is causing my system to crash. 3 Nvidia stability tests in a row have ended with the nvidia ntune application crashing.
Sometimes I lose my video input.

I emailed support at XFX and they haven't responded to me. Before this I was getting strange artifacts in FEAR after playing for 20 or so minutes. I'm thinking the card is bad or at the very least, faulty. I notice someone else mentioned this problem about their XFX card on the newegg reviews so I think I'm going to steer clear of XFX this time.

Thanks for any advice.

EDIT: I was thinking along the lines of an 8800gts.
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  1. If you are running games at 1920x1200 with a 7600gt that is amazing. I have dual 7600 GTs overclocked to a 615 MHz core and I only run at 1280x720 on my 22" monitor, most games a medium settings (like fear for instance with some settings on high).

    That aside it sounds like you have a bad card, cause even if the settings are too high you should be seeing artifacts. I would just RMA it as XFX should have a lifetime warranty on that card.

    GFX Card -

    Gigabyte has a decently priced 8800 GTS 512MB for only $359, comes factory overclock according to newegg but one user said the card wasn't. You are gonna be close on the PSU though. You are pushing your powersupply double check your PSU has enough wattage to run this card and also check you card has more then 22amps on the 12v rail, (I think that is the correct right current but I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong). Check to make sure 435 watts is enough for your computer here

    Benchmarks with a card slightly slower then the one I suggested (I'm pulling these from the XFX 8800 GTS 512 MB Core of 680 MHz).

    Fear Avg 68 FPS at 1920x1200

    Call of Duty 4 Avg 45.8 at 1920x1200

    That resolution is gonna be too high for COD4 at least. However if you cannot tolerate hangs then may I suggest you follow gamespots performance guide. They can get ya some FPS with minor image quality reductions.

    Finally your processor is gonna bottleneck ya so you are not gonna be looking at 45 FPS to begin with. Though the 4200 X2 is a great chip the tests were done with a Intel C2 Extreme X6800. Gamespot shows once you drop down even to the C2D E6300 you take a hit of about 30% in performance at 1280x1024. I would say without a processor upgrade as well you are gonna be falling into the danger zone of FPS.

    That being said unless you are made of monies and can just buy a new Mobo and processor then you are most likely gonna be pushin the edge of your limit even with the 8800 GTS unless image quality has no bearing on your gaming.

    I would recommend the 8800 GTS in spite of that you are gonna run into more processor bottlenecks even if you jump to the 8800 Ultra, so if you have the extra cash for n Ultra put it into a new motherboard and processor to minimize that, if you do that btw you are for sure gonna need a bigger PSU (as I said check and make sure you already don't need one).
  2. your minimum card for that resolution would be HD3850 512mb or 8800gt
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