Bypassing Router Time Restrictions

Most recently there has been time restrictions put onto my wireless Linksys router. I do not have direct access to the router options via IE. All the computers connected to this router are on different time restrictions (with my internet going out the earliest). I have gone as far as changing my IP, workgroup, computer name and taking my computer off an 8-port Linksys switch. Also to note: any foreign computer connected to the router has absolutely no internet restrictions at all. Is there a way around this?
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  1. Change your MAC address.

  2. Unfortunatly my knowledge for networking is very limited. How does one change the MAC address? I would assume going into the XP registry?

    EDIT: Ah, I figured it out myself. Downloaded Mac Makeup and it instantly changed my MAC and brought me to the internet.
  3. you cant actually change your MAC address, but the router can clone your MAC address so they appear to be as one.
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