Overclocking a Q9450

I'm buying a new sytem with a Q9450 and was wondering if it was possible to do an overclock to 3.2ghz (fsb of 400mhz). It would be on stock hsf.

Mobo - EVGA 132-CK-NF78-A1 ATX Intel Motherboard

RAM - G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory

I still have not purchased any of the parts so if there is another board or memory type that will help me (without being much more expensive) I'd consider getting them instead.
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  1. Hmm, stock HS? Worth a try, go for it. Run Prime95 small FFTs until the temps get too hot. By hot I mean core temps of 65C.
  2. I was using it with 400 FSB and stock cooler.
    Yesterday I decided to install Asus probe. It would not load, saying that my noth bridge and temp (everything is on auto on BIOS) were too high.
    Decided to go back to stock FSBfor now :p
  3. i'm on a q9450 at 3.2ghz but i don't have stock cooler. plus i have a gigbyte x48 board that has good heatinks on north/south bridge and a bunch of fans so i have no problems with heat as of right now. dunno about stock hsf though
  4. I wouldn't take a quad that high on a stock hsf O_o
  5. oh . I'm at 3.5Ghz on air with 790i
  6. It would prolly work fine, but for $30US you might as well get a decent cooler...even an AC7 Pro would be better than stock. You don't have to spend $60US to get a decent cooler, so why stick with stock?
  7. xigmatek hdts1283 for $37 at newegg. I'm at 3.3ghz running mid 30c on all cores with one. no voltage increase either.
  8. You can probably overclock about 1GHz maybe.
  9. You could, but the motherboard probably can't do it.
  10. Evilonigiri said:
    You could, but the motherboard probably can't do it.

    ...based on the CPU cooling? I do wonder why he's buying an EVGA mobo given the other choices, but that's not what this thread is about.
  11. I was responding to PCgamer12, where he said 1GHz OC is doable, but that might push that Nvidia motherboard a bit too much. Can that motherboard do 460MHz? Perhaps, but it'll probably be too hard to get it stable.
  12. Forgive me, that should have been obvious. I've got a nasty cold, its obviously affecting my mind.
  13. i think by lapping the AC Freezer 7 Pro will get you extra 5-10C drop in temp.so the price/performance ratio is further increase for that cooler. most cooler you lapp it will get about 5C the max. maybe AC Freezer 7 Pro is very poor at "stock"?lol
  14. 10c ? That's some serious lap'n.
  15. yeah 10C. even the least get 8C.
  16. Ok so I've changed my mobo to an ASUS P5Q Pro (decided I didn't need SLI). With the saved money I'm going to get an ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro with some Arctic Silver paste. Is that enough for a 3.2 ghz OC?
  17. Come, skip 2-3 meals at McDonald's and get a Xigmatek S-1283, that way there won't be any question about whether or not you have enough cooling. It's good advice, consider it.
  18. Totally agreed with halcyon. Fast for a few days and grab the Xiggy. After all, there's no such thing as too cold when it comes to OCing.
  19. i want a xiggy now...sigh, tired of my zalman 9700. the led is only so cool for so long :(
  20. Looks like the xiggy is it! Thanks for the help.
  21. TRUE!!! but you will need to fast for more then few days!a month maybe!lol
  22. I have a TRUE...fact is I've tried so many different coolers in my tinkering endeavors. I have a Zalman 9700NT, a Xiggy S-1283 RD, a TRUE, and now I'm using an OCZ Vendetta2 with the TRUE's bolt-down kit. I'd say between the Xiggy, TRUE, and OCZ Vendetta2 the Xiggy and Vedetta2 beat out the TRUE...with the Vendetta2 slightly beating the Xiggy (but I wasn't using the TRUE's bolt-down kit on the Xiggy, so it may not be fair). The Zalman doesn't even deserve mention in my experience. It worked but not nearly as well as the other coolers...good for dual-core but you need better, IMO, for OC'd a quad.

    ...and my TRUE was double-lapped, so that's not it. I really can see no reason to recommend the TRUE anymore, given its cost, performance, and the fact that you still have to get a separate fan. The TRUE had its day...but its day is done.
  23. The HDT tech is really something. Yet, many people find it hard to accept and believe that the TRUE is finally beaten, at least here and there. Oh well,with the TRUE you can do a push-pull config which may bring it to the top again.
  24. halcyon what type of OC you assessing them on. i found in trully extreme OC(which is what the TRUE is intended for) will still beat other coolers out there with 2xfan config.

    im talking about MAX capability here.
  25. Well, I'm just talking having my Q9450 to 3.5Ghz. So, I'd need to try 3.8Ghz or beyond for the TRUE to truly shine? Since I'll likely not be trying that I'm just gonna chalk the cost of to that of the hobby. I've found that my beloved Lian-Li is not the coolest case and that there's a significant difference in temperatures with the side panel off, so I think 3.5Ghz is gonna be me for a while.
  26. well i get the point that the HDT cooler is more efficient BUT when it reach its max thermal efficiency then the TRUE will still got something left in it.
  27. i just realized what a bitch it is to overclock the q9450. I just prime95 it for 24hrs to see if it was fully stable, instead of the usual 10 hrs. Then one core has to crap out on me at 16hrs and something and the rest goes on for 20hrs plus.
  28. thats why i tell you when you do your final OC.signs........
  29. oh well, i guess maybe one more notch of vcore won't kill me, i hate to wait another 24 hours and find out another core crapped out.
  30. well that price to pay for when you do OC.no?
  31. shadowthor said:
    i just realized what a bitch it is to overclock the q9450. I just prime95 it for 24hrs to see if it was fully stable, instead of the usual 10 hrs. Then one core has to crap out on me at 16hrs and something and the rest goes on for 20hrs plus.

    seriously, i know what you mean, i OC-ed my friends Q6600 to 3.0ghz on the first try, and everything is stable till this day. I then worked on my Q9450, i had a few encounter w/BSODs. finally got it stable after like 3 days of work T_T i think its worth it though :)
  32. Ge the arctic cooling 7, its cheap and will let you do 3.2ghz, which is easy on P35/45/X38/X48 chipsets. Once you go over 400fsb you may have a problem. I have no clue why intel went to a smaller heatsink, the old ones still sucked and now they are smaller. The AC7 is nice because there is no bracket to install under the mobo so its easy to change your CPU,
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