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Hello decided to fix up one of my old computers...I am running an Asus A8n32-SLI deluxe and just my luck they have problems with sp3 install causing the reboot loop. Over the last few hours I have found out the following information:

The loop happens when I have my usb mouse plugged in, doesn't matter which spot and no other usb device causes. Have tried multiple types/brands of mice they all cause the loop. My flash drive also causes the loop but my keyboard does not.

When I reset the CMOS the loop did not occur until I sync'd my computers time, SP3 only

The loop only happens with sp3 installed

All intelppm's are set to (4)

If I hit f10 while the computer was booting up I could select what device I would like to boot from when I picked HDD the loop would not occur, changing the boot order to hdd as number 1 did nothing.

Clearly the issue is with sp3/mobo/usb

I am wanting to possibly try and sell this machine but it definitely won't happen if I cannot fix this issue.
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    Clearly the issue is with sp3/mobo/usb

    There is a BIOS version/fix available at the online product page for the issue of the A8N32-SLI Deluxe not properly loading SP3. The issue you mention is well documented on the product page forum. When I contacted ASUS at the time of SP3 release with this problem, their support's solution was to use Vista 64 which I had installed by then without issue. I have since flashed the BIOS to version 1409 and successfully installed XP SP3 without issue.

    See BIOS version 1409 which allowed me to load SP3. Click on download>BIOS version 1409:

    A8N32-SLI Deluxe BIOS 1409
    Fix the system is unable to enter OS when USB flash drive is connected under Windows XP SP3.

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    Socket 939 has been discontinued for years and ASUS has stopped support for the board years ago. I still use mine everyday in a lab setting working with close up clinical digital photography. The AMD 4800X2 dual core still multitasks very well.
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