Sli or more memory?

I'm looking for my next upgrade in a few months ( probably Aprilish ), And I'm thinking about hooking up another graphics card in SLI with my 8800 GTX or adding memory.

Right now I only have 2 GB of memory and if i did upgrade would go up to 6 gb. Now its my understanding I can hook up any 8800 series card to my GTX in SLI right?

So what do you think would yield a better result in gaming? And if I do go for another 8800 series what should i get for about the less than $300 range?
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  1. No, for SLI you would have to get another 8800 GTX.

    If you have Vista, the added memory will help, but if you use xp, you won't notice much difference. I say just hold on till the 8800 GTX prices drop and then add another one.
  2. and as for the price drops, how soon do you all honestly feel this will happen, after the 9800Gx2 release? ( when is that? ) Or any other events that may lead to this?
  3. I doubt there'll be any price drops for the 8800GTX. The 8800GTS 512MB came out and it is slightly better than the 8800GTX, however the 8800GTX price remains $100 more than the 8800GTS 512MB.

    It'll be phased out, then as it gets scarce, the price will probably increase.
  4. Where did you get the gts is better than the gtx? the charts don't say that and logic will tell you gt gts gtx ( not taking in OCing ). And as to your second statement, If its being phased out ( assuming you mean demand and not by the corporations ) then the demand is down so price will drop. Just going from my 9th grade economic knowledge..?
  5. Agree here, XP your memory is fine, Vista...grab another 2 gig, or more if your really think you need it.
    If you want SLI, you will need another 8800GTX.
    One of the disadvantages of being an early adopter, there are now indeed better cards for less money. Keep your eye on the prices, and if you see a good deal on one...better grab it. As someone else stated, don't wait too long, I imagine they won't ever get much cheaper, and they will start phasing them out soon. Also, you need a good PSU to power.
    Make sure you have enough juice to run them.
  6. 8800GTS 512mb is better then a GTX, if you come to a tech forum asking for advice I think its almost always safe to assume the people there would know more about it than you.

    8800GT < 8800GTX < 8800GTS 512MB

    It'll stay quite high until the next TRI-SLI capable card comes out, which will likely be 9800GTX in february. After that it has nothing left and price will drop.

    But I don't know why you have to upgrade for the sake of it. When your computer cannot play games good is the time to upgrade not just for no reason, tech hasn't come far enough from GTX to even make it worth it. SLI isn't worth it either.

    But, if you must upgrade, await the release of the newer cards about february.
  7. Unless you are running 64-bit OS don not upgrade to 6GB. 2GB is plenty for XP and Vista 32-bit won't take full advantage of 4GB even. As was said you can't SLI anyhting with your card but an 8800GTX and you won't find on eof those for under $300 anytime soon. I'd stay put for now and keep an eye on the next gen cards. If running Vista 32-bit, another 2GB is an option for ya if you have cash to burn.
  8. Hatman said:
    8800GTS 512mb is better then a GTX

    I don't agree with ya on that. Yeah, In some games and especially lower res or without fsaa the 512MB GTS matches the Ultra, but typically at righer res with fsaa/af the GTX pulls ahead. So, I still see the 8800GTX > GTS 512MB and a factory overclocked 512MB GTS about equal to the GTX. Still the edge usually would go the the GTX at high res with AA. Look at FS's review and the GTS 512MB is between the GTX and GT. Oblivion the GTX has a good lead.
  9. But there's also the fact that nicely overclocked 8800GTS will easily beat an Ultra, plus it uses less power and generates less heat. All in all, it's not worth "upgrading" to it if you have a GTX.
  10. but then you can still OC an ultra =\ and I AM running a 64 bit vista ( actually dual booting both versions .. i know im a nerd ) So memory then wait till you hit a low on the 8800 GTX and it becomes economical?
  11. @ jixz, "Where did you get the gts is better than the gtx? the charts don't say that and logic will tell you gt gts gtx ( not taking in OCing )."

    Depends on game, resolution and settings how the GTX, GT512 and Ultra are ranked. You're looking at SLI, so no chioce there, it is GTX.

    @ Evilonigiri, your statement is reflected locally (Australia) where GTX and Ultra have had very low stock levels combined with only a slightly higher demand during November and December 2007, but still maintained their pricing when GT256/512s finally arrived and their subsequent demand (pre-orders only).

    Even now with GTS256/512 cards available at wholesale and not by pre-ordering, the GTX and Ultra have not fallen in price.

    As the GTX/Ultra approach their end of production by most , local importers and distributors will not putting their capital into a product that is likely to be superseded in every way. This has already happened with the GTS640 and then the GTS320, which maintained best buy status for sometime, but both have been dealt a death blow by the GTS256/512. Not in price, just in distributors stocking the product.

    Price of the GTS320 remains unchanged from some distributors, but you might get yourself a flash drive for free when you buy a few.

    Price of the GTS640 remains unchanged, but you've got to look hard to find quantities (not that anyone would).

    Price of the GTX/Ultra are very unlikely to drop here (as you indcated), quite likely they will stay the same price indefinately, and a very slim probability they will go up significantly.

    @ jixz (again), your market may be reacting very different to mine based on it's own supply : demand dynamics, and price drops may be imminent for some components.

    However, if you were to buy 2 x GTS512s (SLI) now or 1-2 X Next Gen cards in February, and sell the current GTX, would this be a better outcome for you?

    Lastly, more memory is always a good choice for most, 4GB total is nice, but there is no price reason to do this, only a performance reason. I would buy the extra 2-4GB yesterday, today or tomorrow.
  12. damn... Pwn?

    lol.. I was thinking about that earlier today so buy the memory if i get the cash. Sell the GTX and either get 2 GTS 512s or two upcoming cards? What are my options as far as upcoming cards? And as stated above I'm not pressured by time accept by the fact that I'm putting more hours on the card as to reduce its value?
  13. neither
  14. sli!
  15. hey guys at the local pc store they are selling more of the latest g80 gts the one with a few more stream processors than a stock g80 gts. than the new g92 gts's they are the same price but the older gts is selling more wtf lol... im glad i got the right one... lol there are so many gtx's and ultras its not funny i realy wish them luck selling them im in nz btw
  16. I see it this way. Buy 2 gig's of DDR2 (assuming that is what you have) and then wait for the next gen of GPU's. Then take your GTX and sell for $300 or so, wherever the market is at and use that $300 + the $300 your setting aside for the upgrade and buy the latest and greatest GPU out. I'm pretty sure the next round will beat a 8800gtx, but that is just an semi-educated guess. :)
  17. Idea... Ok get two gts's sell my gtx a few months before the new cards come out ( any official dates yet? ) from evga. and when i get the cash upgrade to the uberzshitz?
  18. (Just curious) What game is your 8800GTX not cutting it at? Only one I could think of is Crysis. Anything else it should still be screaming along.
  19. hehe, yes im sad i can't get all very high :(
  20. Well, three 8800 ultras (tri sli) can't max out Crysis (very high & 4x/16x) at your 19x12 res:
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