how do you start a new drive from OEM D: recovery on old drive

I need help! I did a bonehead :pt1cable: thing win I bought my now aging IDE system. I didn't buy the recovery cd's. I assure you it was an oversite. I bought it new about 5 years ago. My harddisk is beginning to fail. This drive came with all the rocovery and loadup system installed on a D: drive on the one that is failing. I know how to install a new drive as a primary (master) and make the old drive a secondary but I don't know know how to make the D: software on the secondary start my new drive which will become my bootable C:. I called compaq/hp and they no longer have recovery disks for this system. Please help me I need this system to stay in touch with my children/grandchildren and my grandson in the marines. I'm retired on a fixed income and can't affort to buy a new cpu at this time. Thank you for helping and old DAV Vet.Ken
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  1. Can you copy all the files off your backup partition? Maybe copy them to DVD or setting up the new hardrive with 2 partitions and copy the files over to its D; drive? Then just disconnect the 'dead' drive? Or some hardrive 'cloning' software work here?
  2. The drive is still working but it hangs up. I've done all the cleanup and defragging no fix there. I un-hid all the hidden files on the d: and tried to send the contents of the drive to a cd but the folders are locked by the factory I guess and I don't know how to unlock them.

    All help is appreciated.

  3. A new Os might be your only option. $100 or less on Ebay.
  4. Correct me if I'm reading this wrong...

    You've bought a new hard drive, popped it into a pre-feab (oem) pc and are looking to recover your data from the old drive?

    If this is the case: Once you've installed your OS (XP?) you'll need to load the drivers from the OEM's site for your motherboard and any/all of it's integrated peripherals (video, audio, NIC etc). Once this is done you'll want to connect your old drive and follow the directions in the following link. This shows you how to "take control of an old drive" in XP. After this, I'd recommend getting an external USB drive and backing up your data to it weekly.

    Hope this helps :)

    Edit: Are you using the same OS? XP Home is going to be different than XP Pro
  5. Ok you still have the old drive with the D recovery partition.
    Hook both drives up one slave one master
    make sure you set the BIOS to boot from CD 1st

    I would download Hirens boot CD (9.6 current version I use)

    On this you will have several programs that do all sorts of things..
    You want to use a Disk Image program (I use Ghost)
    use this to image your old drive onto the new drive..
    It should do a bit by bit copy and the D drive should actually be the the 1st partition on the drive.
    yea you may have errors on the Windows partition but that is not important HOPEFULLY you can get that Recovery Partition copied over..

    Ok so now you have your old drive imaged to your new drive.
    You can unplug the old drive now and just have the new one installed

    NEXT you need to make the Recovery Partition ACTIVE (And the other Partition NOT ACTIVE)

    On the same Boot CD are several Partition Manager Programs.. I found the one I felt the most confidence in was
    Paragon Part Manager..

    I used this program to Make the Recovery partition Active and the other Partition NOT Active..
    Then remove the Boot CD and see if the system will boot into the Recovery program for the computer..
    Run thru this and it will reinstall the OS for that PC..
    IF for some reason the Recovery install does not switch the Active Partition from the Recovery Partition to the System Partition use the Paragon Part Manager to switch them back..

    I hope this helps...
  6. I'm going to try TisJesters activation/recovery solution later this day. I want to thank all that have offered advice to me. I will let you know as soon as I get it back to normal.

    Thank you all.

  7. I need one more answer before I try this project. I have my product key number on my cpu case. This must be one of the first years the manufacturers were putting the product key number on a label stuck to the outer case.

    Having this key number for my windows can I use a neighbors xp cd's for the reload and when it ask for my product key number just put my key number in the field?

    If I can do this it sure would make it easier... if this isn't possible I'll start with TisJesters solution.

    Thanks to all.

  8. TisJester's solution is good, albeit a little convoluted. Go to the manufacture's site for the new HD and download the appropriate HD tools. Clone the old drive to the new slave drive. Remove the old drive and strap the new drive as master. Boot up and either use it or follow HP's instruction (F11 or whatever) to image the drive from the restore partition.

    This all assumes that the drive is sound enough to complete the task.

    I would first call those bastards at HP and bytch up a storm. It is unconscionable that those pricks only include a restore partition and do not provide the disks as well.

    My nieces HP had a HD failure and the clown in India kept telling me to do a restore. I finally made the boob understand that the HD had PHYSICALLY FAILED. He sent me to tier 2 in the US and the guy immediately sent me the disks.

    Tell those aholes that you have started a thread on THF and that we are anxiously awaiting the news that they found those disks, that don't exist any more, and sent them to you.

    This in one of the reasons those pricks have a bad name. He!!, send them an email and link this thread, I would like to see what they have to say.

    I see you said you didn't buy the disks. Most often that isn't even an option. In either case the disks cost them nothing and they should include them. If need be, they can raise the price of the system by $10.
  9. Ken,

    I would say if you have an OEM copy on Disc (your friends) then you can give it a shot.. since if it does not work you can image over the drive later.

    Zorg - yea it sounds a little convoluted.. but this is Years of dealing with HP and their Recovery Partitions..
    Downloading Hirens Boot CD is the fastest FREE way of doing this.
    You could also just go out and buy Acronis® Disk Director Suite 10.0 and use that for a one time recovery of the drive.
    Yes you could get the manufactures HD tools.. but their is no guaranty that they will work with the old drive In fact I am sure Hirens has those utilities already on there.. Ghost is better!! it will handle corrupt partition issues.
    And using the F11 or F10(depending on system) to try and get it to boot the recovery does not always work..
    Bytching at HP will not solve much, but always worth a try if you do not mind dealing with the lower level fools until they escalate up the channel.

    One Major problem with using an OEM version of XP home is drivers.
    (Make sure you have all the needed drivers for your system handy)
    I have only used an OEM copy on a Dell system that had NO restore partition and did not have the disks so for Dell it worked BUT Microsoft XP home screamed that I was doing something BAD (like replacing a motherboard) and made me PHONE (literally) to reauthorize my copy of windows.. If it asks you you DID NOT replace the Motherboard (this constitutes a New PC and it will want you to buy a license.. You just replaced a Hard Drive.. REAL Pain to deal with
    Also the OEM install will not have all the Stuff that came with the PC originally YES this CAN be a GOOD thing.

    So tho my method is a bit convoluted but is a Free get it done today no more phone calls all in one download solution..

    If you need more help let me know (I just did this to an old Compaq last weekend and had the system up in a couple hours)

    1)Image the drive (My Favorite is Ghost)
    2)get that Recovery Partition Active (try F10 or F11 just as the system is booting) or use Paragon Partition Manager or Acronis Disk Director to make that partition active.
    3)do system restore
    4) Get a Cappuccino and relax
  10. The last instructions were a lot less convoluted. the HD manufacturers software will probably work. They have never failed me on a disk to disk clone. The only question is whether his drive is in good enough shape to at least copy the restore partition across. I have used Ghost for years and I switched to Paragon Drive backup, I've had enough of Ghost.

    You mean set a restore point don't you? After you overwrite the drive with the data in the restore partition you will have the default drive, there is nowhere to restore to.
  11. Why would you set a restore point? Windows is not even loaded or working.

    The Old bad drive should have 2 partitions.
    the 1st Partition is the Recovery partition it is not active and it is a Primary Partition.
    the 2nd Partition is the Main systems Partition (where Windows is loaded for use) This too should be a Primary Partiton and this one IS Active

    When you use your favorite Imaging program from the old drive to the new drive you want do BOTH partitions.

    After Imaging your new drive should also now have 2 Partitions.
    1st Partition will be the Recovery Partition
    2nd Partition is the System Partition (where windows will be installed)

    So you access the 1st partition (Recovery) by making IT active
    To do this you can try the F10 /F11 see if it will boot to the recovery partition
    OR use Paragon Partition Manager (from Hirens BOOT CD) to make the 1st Recovery Partition active and Making the 2nd System Partition NOT Active.

    Then reboot PC (when Hirens disk boots up it gives you choice to boot to Hard Drive so pick that OR just remove the CD.

    Once you get the Recovery Partition to boot up you will be in the HP/Compaq (depending on type of PC) System Recovery Mode..
    using this you will Restore the system to a like new state on the 2nd Partition making it the System Partion.
    Once that completes and you reboot you may or may not get to the System boot where it will then do the New Computer Install of Windows XP with the CD key already in there.
    IF IT DOES NOT GO TO THAT but continues to boot into the Recovery Partition.. THIS is when you would need to reboot Hirens Boot CD - Go to Paragon's Partition Manager and Make the 1st Partition (Recovery Partition) Not Active and the 2nd Partition (System Partition) Active.
    Remove CD reboot PC and it should then load up the System in the New PC mode where it will load up the rest of Windows and all the HP content that comes with a new PC.

    After you get the Windows up on the new drive Run the Windows Update clean off the HP software stuff you do not want.. and Enjoy
  12. I misread your post, the restore you were talking about is the restore/recovery from the restore/recovery partition. I thought you were talking about doing a Windows restore when you were done, which is obviously impossible due to the HD being in the "default" factory condition.

    Anyway, I think he's got it. Now all he has to worry about is whether he can get the clone from the failing drive.
  13. I sure wish one of you fellows were located here in north Florida. As you know some of these projects causes frayed nerves and headaches.

    Just so eveyone is on the same page... my old drive is still working on all partitions. I am just replacing it because it is getting slower because of it 5 plus years of operation.

    I'll keep you posted on my progress.
  14. As long as your neighbors copy is oem you can use it and enter your key.

    Most PCs I repair, the people have lost their disks, and I use a Oem copy I have and just use their key. It works everytime.

    One problem you will have is alot of your devices wont work until you find the drivers for them on the web.

    You will need chipset drivers, sound drivers, display drivers, network drivers, and probably mass storage drivers. It can be tricky to find these drivers at times.

    You could use a program like driver detective to help make it easier.
  15. If your gonna image your old to new I suggest. Acronis true image.

    You do defrag regularly I hope?

    I never heard of a drive getting slower with age. Either they work or they dont, but they need defragged regualrly.
  16. Ken,
    You seem to have access to a computer.. Is it the one your trying to work on?
    If not you can always Yahoo IM me adric68 and I can give ya some more detailed help..

    I once walked an old Vet thru a Novel Server Install over the phone..
    Turned out he was a Quadriplegic and was typing every letter I said with a stick.. His wife had to set the SCSI ID's on the hard drive..(Thats when I found out what was taking him so long to do as I asked LOL)
    Saturday Phone time 8 hours..
    1 Server up and running..
    1 Happy Vet
    1 Patient Tech
  17. If the drive is not failing then the clone job should be easy. I recommend the free DOS based drive tools from the new drive manufacturer's website. It's a straight drive to drive copy.

    There are enough posts in this thread that the process is explained to death.

    Good luck
  18. TisJester, I appreciate the thought and kindness. Fortunately for me I still have most of my God provided shell basically able to move in the same direction.

    Right now I have the loan of another computer while I try to get mine squared away.

    I am reviewing the WD Caviar 320GB, I picked up the drive today, book while I get the courage to get started on this.

    I want to thank you and others on this site that use your valuable time to help disabled veterans, veterans and others with computer problems. I know God will bless all of you.
  19. Great you have a 2nd computer to use while you work on the 1st one..
    Tomorrow is Sunday and I am home all day (Chicago area)
    I'll be working on my fathers PC scanning his drive to make sure I killed all the Viruses he caught not listening to me and surfing them Baaad sites :)

    my email addy is adric68 and that place (we do this so bots can not filch our email adress out of the eather and spam us).. So this also works for yahoo IM..
    We can walk thru getting your new drive up and running..

    Things you will need..
    3.5 blank floppy (or one you do not mind writing over)
    for the Western digital Tools you can install
    [Unless you bought a retail drive then it might have come with this already]

    or a blank CD to make a bootable cd with..

    everything else we can take care when we start..

    End result options.

    1) Clone existing setup onto the new drive if you current setup is working..
    [cleanup any bits that are causing you grief]
    This would get you up and running on new drive fastest.

    2) Clone disk but run through the Recover system to make the new drive like when you 1st got the computer.
    This will take longer because there are more steps AND all those lovely Windows Updates.

    Yahoo Messenger has voice chat if you got a microphone to hook up to the PC your using.
    I can also use a sweet free utility called vnc to work with you on your working computer (I can see your desktop and operate your computer)
    it is a single file and does not install anything on your computer.
    Best of all I do this Free just to get you up and running and Happy!
  20. Veterans rule.

    It appears that TisJester has things well in hand. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
  21. The new WD came with a cd for starting. I've got a system floppy ready and a formatted cd. Unfortunatelly I have to travel up to middle Georgia early tomorrow morning for a family gathering. I'm going to get on this after I get back.

    I'll let you know when I get stuck. I'll pay attention to detail and with the information you've given me I'm hoping it will flow smoothly.

    Thanks for all the help.

  22. PM us. Just click on the envelope icon next to the name. I knew you knew that.

    So, about Vietnam, my partner was Airborne. I heard a lot of the understanding, some good some bad.

    Vietnam Vets were screwed... Bad asses all. I'm a little pissed about that.
    We can only hope to be worthy. They all are cleaned, yes all of them.

    And the Gulf War, yes all of them, they are all cleaned. They may not know it, but they are forgiven. You ask who am I ... I am no one. They are all cleaned.

    Questions/Arguments welcome.

    In case anyone was confused, "gulf war" includes all current and future wars in the gulf region. :lol:

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    I have no inside information. I told my exgirlfriend ~4 years ago about the "new" war. Better get back to.... God.
  23. krb1945, sorry for the hijack, but you are protected by TisJester on IM something and PM for him or me.

    Any Atheists out there? C'mon we have the sign in the state capitol.

  24. I know you fellows are hard at work this fine day. I put the new hard disk in the cabinet last night. WD book recommended Cable Select CS if the system was capable. I booted on the old drive then used the WD CD to move the old drive image to the new drive 1st partition. This is a slow process. I started it doing the image about 9:30 last night and it is 86 per cent as I type this. :)

    Just wanted to let you know that I am progressing even though it is slow. I'll keep you posted.

  25. Not sure exactly what your doing..
    Did you see the 2 partitions on the old drive?
    Are you cloning (imaging) them Both onto the New drive?

    As far as Cable select.
    This is how it works..
    If both drives support Cable select you can set them both to Cable Select then wherever you have them in the Cable chain will determine if they are slave or master..
    So say you hook the Old drive up to the end of the cable it would be the Master and if you hook the new drive up in the middle then it would be slave.

    If both Drives are NOT set to Cable select then you could get a conflict if way you hook the old drive up set as Master and it is hooked up into the middle position and the New drive setup as Cable select to the end..

    So Cable select is just a fancy way of setting Slave/Master without having to change jumpers each time.

    So did the WD New drive come with a Floppy Disk and a CD? or just a CD or just a Floppy?

    Personally I would prefer to boot the system on either a floppy or CD and not do the cloning/imaging in Windows...

    And remember you want to end up with the New drive with BOTH the Recovery and the System Partition..

    Let us know how it went..
  26. Let me see if I can answer some questions: The new WD came with a cd to partition, format and image. Both drives are set cable select with the old drive in the slave position.

    Using the WD cd that came with the drive I set the first part which I'm guessing would be C: and WD said that it would only put 137 MB in that partition. Then on the WD menu I told it to image the slave drive over to that position. WD said it would take a while... it took about 11 hours.
    Then I disconnected the slave drive and tried to boot on the new one. NO success with that. Then I booted from a floppy system disk I made from my old drive. I try to keep a system disk floppy all the time... just in case.
    After booting from the floppy I cannot see the new drive at all... so I know I'm not doing something correctly. Also I could not get the the hirens boot cd to boot up so I know I didn't do that correctly either.
    My neighbor, Josh, will be back in a couple of weeks and I'll be able to use his XP home cds to get a fresh start up. He is letting me use his old system while he is on the road. Before I really mess my new drive up I'm going to wait until he gets back so I can use the CD's to start it up. I not very good with software. I've learned just enough to be dangerous and messing up things.

    Fellows I appreciate all your efforts but right now I am on the old slippery slope spinning my wheels. I tried all yesterday into the evening... all I managed to do is get stressed up. I'm going to wait patiently.

  27. Ken,

    Don't give up.. your just missing some steps..

    I would be more then happy to walk you thru getting this up and running.

    Going the OEM XP home CD's might not do it either remember you will need the right drivers and all..

    I can walk you through the whole process and get you up and running most ricky tick

    We just need to setup a time online to IM.. I am Chicago time your Florida so one hour ahead of me..
    My times available are Tuesday thru Friday 6 CST -Yours 7 EST
    This Saturday / Sunday anytime after 12 noon my time 1 pm your time.

    FYI I have done this many a time for my online friends I meet playing various online games. So it is no trouble at all for me to give you some help here..
  28. Many thanks to TisJester and Zorg. I now have my new hard disk working but not soon enough though. The cpu that I had borrowed developed a problem late friday. It seems I selected yes, because of fried brain from working on mine, on what was supposed to be a yahoo toolbar and everything went nuts. It has taken me until late yesterday to figure that one out. When I uninstalled that toolbar everything started working normally again. Now I have the loaner and my own cpu's working now.

    Thanks to all for helping me with information. //Ken
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