DDR2 533 vs. DDR2 667

My computer has been lacking performance from my computer. I know the most likely cause of this is because of my RAM. I am using 1GB of DDR2 PC4200 [DDR2 533] (yes I know it's crappy & outdated & insufficient for Vista Premium).
I'm not sure whether I should just spend $20-$25 and put another 1GB of DDR2 PC4200 or spend $40-$45 and put 2GB of DDR2 PC5300 [DDR2 667].
My MoBo supports up to DDR2 667, so DDR2 800 is out of the question.
Right now I have my 1GB of DDR2 533 is a Dual Channel.
I have a total of 4 memory slots. so at the moment I have 2 available.
I could even get 2GB of DDR2 533.
How much of a difference would I get in performance if I was using 2GB of DDR2 533 vs. if I was using 2GB of DDR2 667?

CPU: AMD Athlon x64 x2 Dual-Core 4000+
MoBo: ASUS A8M2N-LA (NodusM3)
RAM: 1024 MB DDR2 533 Dual-Channel (512x2)
Video: EVGA 8600GT 256 Mb
PSU: 430W Antec Earthwatts
Hard Drive: Seagate 320GB SATA
OS: Windows Vista Premium 32-bit
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  1. There are some tests on the web regarding the K8s performance with slower DDR2. Unless i'm mistaken, fast memory with good latencies had a huge performance impact. I would get 2 GB of 667 and sell those slower modules.
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