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I recently purchased a transend 16Gb flash drive. works great. I also found out that i cannot store files larger than 4GB due to the FAT32 format. I've read that reformatting it in NTFS will fix this. I have already tried this, and when i did, i did not need to go into stat>right click my computer - Properties>device manager>select storage device>and so on to set it up for performance instead of being able to remove it without safely removing the hardware. in other posts, they say that you need to do this to be able to reformat your flash drive to NTFS, however, i did not need to do this. i just right clicked my drive, clicked reformat, and it allowed me to choose the option of NTFS. i did so, and was able to copy an iso of 8gb to it. i then tried to remove the drive without "safely removing" the drive, and it worked without any error messages. i then reinserted the drive, and the information was still there, along with a wmv file that still played. my question is that do i NEED to select performance instead, or does it not matter any more. also, when having the drive as NTFS, am i still not allowed to write info to it from a mac OSX machine, with the latest OS updates? also, are there any downsides to having the drive formatted in NTFS? sorry for the long post and so many questions.

Thanks in advance
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  1. http://www.paragon-software.com/home/ntfs-mac/
    there are other free ones out there as well, just google "mac read ntfs partition" just try the ntfs flash drive on the mac first, see how it doesnt work.

    Compatibility between systems is in fact the only down side to NTFS. the performance thing, don't have to worry about that either, it was just a fix in case it didn't work. Most Linux OS's can read an NTFS drive, some can write, Mac OS is BSD-ish based, but its not impossible for it to work.

    exFAT is supposed to be the file system of the future on flash drives, but its incompatible with most OSs, including those that are microsoft, so its too early to fiddle with that for anything but Vista.
  2. thank you for your answers. ive noticed that when its in NTFS format, it reads and writes faster than when in FAT32, is that just a fluke, or does it actually improve performance? and to be sure, when i have the flash drive formatted in NTFS, i dont need to switch it to performance, and i can just plug it in and unplug it without "safely removing" it?
  3. Down and use HP USB Disk formatting tool from

    Run it, select NTFS (FAT32 can only go to 2 GB). I just did and it worked fine.
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