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I'm looking for a good board to support the Phenoms, DDR3 RAM, Crossfire (with crosslinx or whatever allows the 2 16x pci 2.0 slots) and maybe some decent overclocking support. I've never done it before, but I'm considering it. I'm really not concerned with price but let's keep it under $500. I sure that shouldn't be a problem lol. Thanks!

P.S. I looked around quite a bit and I wasn't able to find any threads related to all three of my major requirements.
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  1. DDR3 difference with DDR2 isnt very much (0-10%) and also DDR3 is more expensive than DDR2, so go for DDR2 IMO

    if u need CrossFire @ dual 16x mode, then go for a X38 board like
    ASUS P5E
  2. Asus P5E isnt a Phenom board its an Intel CPU board

    DDR3 is currently not supported on any AMD CPU chipsets so you can throw that out.

    I would be looking at the 790FX as it has support for QuadFire
  3. Thanks for the help! I knew there was a good reason why I couldn't find all three in a board. Anyway, I'm still searching around for a good setup.
  4. all current phenoms are ddr2, there is no ddr3 boards for amd yet. those will be coming out when the new 45 nm phenoms come out, i think. and crossfirex is supported on 790fx chipsets.
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