raid 0 error after hardware change

i just installed an e8400 E0 in place of my C0 and now im getting a raid 0 status: error. I reset my bios and re-enabled raid on the sata ports theyre into. Nothing. What to do?
ive already put the old processor back in and i still get the same error. is my data recoverable?
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  1. I don't think your CPU has anything to do with it, probably during that procedure you did something to trigger this 'error'. I take it your data is no longer accessible?

    Your data should always be recoverable if you use a different RAID engine. Some recovery applications have a built-in RAID engine that can simulate various RAID-levels.

    There are some important things you should know:
    - how many drives and in what order were they used
    - what was the stripesize used

    The first question is probably: can u still see/detect all RAID0 disks?
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