Cannot start my pc screen ( urgent help needed)

my pc is having a problem while booting
i just get a black screen
i cant even open the safe mode.
i tried the recovery thing but after the reboot thing when we have to remove the disc in order to stop pc to boot from disc .. again i get a black screen
please help me out ... i dont want to format my pc .. thnxs
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  1. Check your connections between the monitor and the video output. Are you sure the video card and monitor (plugged-in and powered-on) are good. Do you have another video card you can use to see if that works - if it does you need a new video card. Do you have another monitor you can use to see that works?
  2. its not a problem relating to video card... i just get the starting menu ... only till compaq and f8 menu... after that it goes black
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