"no drives were found." when installing Vista

Then it asks me to install drivers from a disk, but I don't have any drivers!
My laptop is a Sony TZ (Model VGB-TZ27GN/B)
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  2. Where do you see said driver?
  3. click downloads, select your OS and select original driver
  4. Pyree, which driver is it? What is it's name?
  5. Go to your device manager. The device in your computer that has an exclamation mark on it requires a driver to be installed to work. Download the driver for those device.

    If you need help to identify the device, upload a screenshot of the device manager and use the link photo function of the forum to post the scree shot on this thread.
  6. How can I get to the device manager, when I cannot even install the OS?
  7. Oh, you haven't installed the OS yet because there is no HDD and and you suspect it is because the driver is missing, is that correct?

    Sorry, I though you were only having a driver problem after reinstalling Window Vista.

    Is the HDD detected in bios?
  8. Yes, it is detected in the BIOS, but Vista, nor 7 disks see it.
  9. What HDD is it (manufacturer and model)?

    Try the window installation under all mode, AHCI, RAID and IDE.
  10. It's a Toshiba MK1011GAH
    Again, I can't find where to switch to RAID, AHCI or SATA in the BIOS.
  11. You may want to slipstream Window Vista with nLite or vLite to add the driver in.
  12. Can you tell me how to do that?
  13. Need to download vlite:


    Here it is an already written guide on how to slipstream the driver into your Window Vista:

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