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Okay, so here's what I'm trying to figure out:

Added Power Supply of 600W. (Original system was 400, but kept shutting off randomly...) Initial configuration crashed my system due to overheat.

So, did some checking. Ran 4 Minute (YES, I know, short) Prime95 run. Idle= 42c , 100% Load runs at 66C (peak).

Can someone help a newbie Overclocker make sense of this? Is this too high? Prime95 didn't report any errors, but I think it's too short of a test.

Also, can someone tell me if 66 at 100% load is way too hot? (like I suspect?)

Going to run Orthos on it and see what happens after 15 min.
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  1. Can you please list your hardware configuration? Vid card, processor, cooling type, etc.

  2. No Problem!

    Video Card=PNY Technologies Nvidia 9600GT
    Processor: AMD Athlon 64 5000+ Black Edition (CPU-Z shows brisbane core) Overclocked to 3.0 GHz (stock is at 2.6)
    Cooling type: Fan/Heatsink (Sorry, can't find the brand of heatsink, but the thing's a monster)
    2 Phillips 20x DVD Burners
    1 Sata HD 500 GB Western Digital
    1 ATI TV Wonder 650
    4 GB Ram

    Anything else?

    Edit: Orthos was a two minute test that peaked at 68C. I stopped it as I'm just not sure that I wanted to press it.
  3. 66c is fin, try to test with a peak of no more than 70 c. It will then settle to a lower constant of like 66c after 30+ mins.

    You wanna let prime run its small fft test on all cores for 8 hours, or basically, set the fan on high and let it go when you head to bed! Then if its cranking away in the morning, get a screen shot of it while running, and then after you select stop, so it lists the times, and try for more!

    The cores can take a decent amount of heat. You just dont wanna do it forever, and you will next to never see temps like prime in ANY real world task!!

  4. what is the temperature in your room?
    I don't know anything about the current amd chips but that does seem quite high. If the core2 on the 65 nm shuts down at around 75c then i image the amd thermal limit is close to there.

    I would start by re seating the heatsink and re applying the thermal paste.
    also if the fan blows down toward the mobo make sure that it's blowing down and not up.
  5. Oh, thats just common advice. I, myself, like to go for speed. So what, that chip will be 25 bucks in the year and a half it takes to die at 3.2!

    (Or whatever, just making the point. Its more up to you, and how long you HAVE to keep it, vs Want to keep it, etc. More speed and heat means shorter life. Decent cooling and a good boost in speed will get you about what its gonna get anyways. Just take care of it.


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