3 Memory RAM Slots?????????

So i have an ASUS P4PE-X motherboard that has 3 memory slots.
I originally had 2x256 DDR 333s and i got a new 1x1024 DDR 400 to add in.

The problem is: not all 3 work together.
When i put all 3 in, the system does not power up - only the fans start spining, nothing ever comes on screen.

ANY combination of the 2 RAMS work and the system powers up and everything is good.

so 1x256 and 1x1024 works, and i tried BOTH the 256s and they both work with the 1 gig.
the two 256s work together also.

So as soon as a third ram is added the system doesnt power up.
I tried different slots and ALL slots work fine.

I know that the motherboard can support upto 2 gigs.

any ideas? thanks again
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  1. Look closer at the manual. It says something about using double sided dimms.
    Basically, if your 256 chips use only one side of the ram dimm then you put both of those in slot 1 and 2 and the double sided chip in the 0 slot
    (my terminology may be way off so forgive me)

    If they are all double sided then you are out of luck. Atleast, according to the manual I found:

    edited: spelling
  2. First things first you have two different latency's. You can't put 333mhz with a 400mhz. What you should do is get dual ddr 400's. That means 2x512 at 400. I believe that will solve your issue. And that leaves one of the bays open.
  3. He should be able to run the 400mhz ram fine, but it will downclock to the lower speeds. And with the rig he wont notice any difference between 333 or 400mhz.
  4. True but dual core is the better memory. Makes better use of it all.
  5. dual channel you mean. But still 512 vs 1.25 is 150% more than what he has currently.
  6. Yea I meant dual-channel. My mind flips out sometimes. Emp has the gig, he could put it in the middle of the three and it would work fine. But dual-channel gives you the same amount but less traffic. More roads, means there could be less traffic. Optimal configurations is what all computer owners want. Its computer talk for team work. A team can get the job done faster than someone who works alone.
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