SATA DVD Burner not detected in BIOS

My old DVD writer just died, the light would keep blinking, the drive didn't show up in My Computer and the tray would not open when I pressed the button, so I got a new one (LG GH22NS30) and plugged it in, the drive spins up when I start my pc and opens when I press the tray button, but it won't show neither on the BIOS nor My Computer (mobo is ASUS P5K), I've tried changign the sata settings from Compatible to Enchanced, but it didn't help (also tried Disabled, but obiously it didn't work either), I've also tried the 4 available, 2 bootables and 2 non-bootables, to no avail.

Is it possible that the old DVD drive took the 4 sata ports down with it?

Any suggestions or ideas will be greatly apreciated

PS: My config is in my profile, and I'm using Vista Business 64-bit

Thanks in advance
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  1. I come with an update (and a happy one), while drifting through my bios I noticed the PCIE frquency was on AUTO, I found that weird, because I usually don't keep any frequency on auto, so I manually setted it to 100 and voila, my SATA ports started working again.
  2. I was going to suggest you do that. Not. 8)
  3. Hey, I'm having the same problem as you.

    I just bought an LG GH22LS30 DVD Writer off newegg a week ago. I have an SK8V mobo with an fx51 processor.

    I tried hooking up the SATA dvd burner to all SATA slots (promise and via controllers) with my SATA HD attached, and without it attached, but the darn thing still won't show up in Windows.

    It is recognized by the VIA controller though, as it shows the model name on boot-up check.

    I have the latest sk8v bios, is there some setting I need to change somewhere?

    thanks in advance

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