8800 GTS... would it be wise?

Hello there. I am thinking about buying an Nvidia 8800 GTS, but is it wise when the specs on the 9800 gx2 just came out? I mean i already got **** when i bought an 8800 gts (320) and 1 month later the 8800 gt came out. So my question is should i wait for the 9xxx series or buy a 8800 gts now?
I have a 1650 pro with 512 ddr 2 ram so i really need a new card (i sold the gts)

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  1. Since you sold the GTS, I would just wait it out. You will see a decent improvement over your old GTS, but you could have the same situation happen again. The specs that were leaked for the card don't seem all that deal breaking, but it's better to be patient and wait a month to find out.

    On the plus side you have a 1650 pro 512mb DDR2. It might not be the most bad ass card ever, but it will play pretty much any game you throw at it besides Crysis at decent frame rates.
  2. You could additionally avoid the problem of being messed over as you were by buying an Evga model and using the Step-up program.
  3. Step-up usually isn't a good deal, unless you were fortunate enough to buy a G80 card when the G92 launched for less than the MSRP of the G80. I'd personally just wait it out, that's a sure fire way to know what to get.

    If it was an onboard video card you were stuck with, I'd probably say go for it, but since you have a capable card, it's not worth it yet.
  4. Pheaton said:
    I mean i already got **** when i bought an 8800 gts (320) and 1 month later the 8800 gt came out.

    No you didnt. The 8800 GTS 320 is a perfectly good card. The 8800GT is faster but not enough to make it a must have for someone who already owned a 320GTS.

    If you constantly read reviews and and worry about another card getting 5fps more than yours you will never be happy with any card you buy.
  5. I agree with MikosNZ. Wait it out and either buy the 8800GTX when it goes down in price, or one of the new cards.

  6. I agree with the last 2 posts. Especially if your having no problem playing your games, I wouldnt even bother.
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