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I have a MSI P35 NEO-F with bios v1.6, Q6600 G0. Regardless of what I set the VCore voltage to in the bios, the bios, CPU-Z, speedfan and MSI DualCore all show 1.36 - 1.34 idle and and drops under cpu usage.

Is this normal?

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  1. You may need to disable intel's C1E throttling, which will control your voltages by default. I have a MSI board too, and for some reason, the option only becomes available when you hit f4 at the main bios screen.
  2. Hit alt+F4 now.
  3. Roger that thanks, I will check as soon as I get home from work. (Have EIST disabled)
  4. Ok I tried both ways, F4 and alt+F4 and F4 gives a menu option called power users that has 3 settings, CPUC1k0 Skew (0-1400ps) and CPUC1k1 Skew (0-1400ps) and Dram Channel Controller (disabled/enabled) in the Freq/Volt Control section of the bios. (I have no idea what those are lol)

    If I use Dual Core (MSI) then I can set the voltage down and it will stay until I reboot then it goes right back to the 1.34 to 1.36 range.
  5. The alt+F4 is a windows thing. Try it in windows and it shuts down the window/program you are in. As to the Q6600, if it is working, I don't know that I would worry about it.
  6. I just got off the phone with MSI tech support and they claim intel has locked the voltage to prevent extreme oc and the bios cannot adjust it and c1e cannot be disabled.

    Needless to say I dont believe them!
  7. How can Intel lock the voltage that their MB is outputting?
  8. My core voltage according to cpu-z is 1.264 volts on my Asus P5N32E-SLI motherboard. I have a Q6600 in which C1E can be disabled. By the way my cpu is a G0 revision with b stepping
  9. My q6600 is the same as yours.
  10. I guess I should add that my multiplier is allways 9 so it is not throttling it.

    Really dont want to have to use a program in windows to keep the voltage where the bios is setting it.
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