Another E8400 temp thread !

Yay :D
But seriously :
1. Idle -
2. Load for 3 minutes -

The ultimate question! Whom to trust?!

Thanks :)
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  1. I'm pretty sure all of those are fairly high, are you using stock cooling?
  2. Actually yes , I am using a stock cooler.
  3. Go by real temp. It looks good to me. A tad high but not all cpus are the came.
  4. More opinions please? I really want to know if I should OC my CPU.
  5. From what I could gather from asking a lot of these questions myself once I overclocked is that some monitoring software use 105C as Tj Max and other 95C, and that's why some report a 10C higher/lower.

    I ended up using RealTemp and it worked perfectly fine.

    As for your results, those seem high for stock clocks, even using the stock, cooler, your ambient temperature could be the culprit though.

    For reference, I'm running @ 3.6GHz using CNPS9700 and I get full load Prime95 for 12+ hours at a cool 47C
  6. RealTemp and bios
    Everest and CoreTemp TjMax can be adjusted
    SpeedFan usually is +6-8c
  7. I'm running my E8400 @ 3.6Ghz and my core temps have reached a max of 57C and 58C using a Hyper TX2

    Of course pulling up your specs.....are you currently using a generic case with 1X80mm fan for your current E8400 build, or do you have a different case? If you're using the same "generic"'ve got to get a better one....that actually moves air.
  8. I have a generic case with 2 80mm Nexus fans...
  9. crembo said:
    I have a generic case with 2 80mm Nexus fans...

    I think that might be what's causing your temps to be high. If you're going to OC...

    1. Get a new cooler don't OC with the stock cooler.

    2. Look into a case that has better air flow. The Antec 900 is a good one, but there are plenty of other good cases that promote air flow.....though they may not be as sexy [:datmanii:6]

    If you're going to stick with everything as is in your set up I wouldn't OC.
  10. 80mm fans are doesent matter if you have 50 of em; most of that 80mm is useless hub anyhow, get a case with 120mm and your temps will drop like a rock.
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