Overclocking the 9850 X4 phenom

I have the Phenom X4 9850, I've been trying to get it to OC to 3 Ghz or higher.

My MB is the Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe/WiFi Socket AM2+ AMD 790FX CrossFire Chipset
" http://canadacomputers.com/index.php?do=ShowProduct&cmd=pd&pid=016269&cid=MB.350 "
and my ram is the Patriot Extreme Performance DDR2 6400 "800 MHz", 4X2 gig sticks "8 gigs"

right now i have it OC a little bit.

CPU: OCed to 2.85 Ghz
multiplier: 12.5
bus speed: 228
core voltage: 1.52 V
RAM: 912 Mhz
ram voltage: 2.16 volts

the CPU cooler is the OCZ Vendetta 2

any way i can get this more pumped up?, I've tried a few things but i am a little lost.
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  1. I am sure you can, however, we have but a few AMD system peoples here. I am curious, because I have the same board, though just a lil Phenom. 9500.

    I will watch this thread to see what you can get with that board.

    I guess it's mostly the processor itself that is the limit. I wonder why they don't like to over clock all that well.

    Damn, I am having enough trouble with intel junk now!

    My poor head!

    Oh, good luck, too!

  2. If the CPU is new then RMA and hope you get one that overclocks better.
  3. i know that memory will hold you back..

    that board is designed for 1066 (PC8500) and the 9850 likes that memory also.

    i myself have 9600 x4. lookin to maybe pickup the 9850 in the future..
  4. Why RMA, the cpu functions as designed. It's a bit rude to return a product that works as described. Keep trying to OC, sometimes it just takes some time. Is this a brand new build, give it some time to "break in"
  5. Well I've been playing with the new 9950 some what, trying to see what I can get out of it, and it's not very much. I got it to 3.2ghz with a 15.5 multi and 206fsb which i thought was good stressed it for at least 5min no problem, but I started it up again the next day and it crashed right away. So I've been running it at 3.1ghz to do some tests with Crossfire X 2 4870's and 2 4850's :).

    Asus 790FX, 2gb Corsair Dominators @ 1066 5-5-5-15
  6. Wait for the 790gx board. With the new sb it will bump up your speed by like 200mhz.
  7. ibp_john said:
    Well I've been playing with the new 9950 some what, trying to see what I can get out of it, and it's not very much. I got it to 3.2ghz with a 15.5 multi and 206fsb which i thought was good stressed it for at least 5min no problem, but I started it up again the next day and it crashed right away. So I've been running it at 3.1ghz to do some tests with Crossfire X 2 4870's and 2 4850's :).

    Asus 790FX, 2gb Corsair Dominators @ 1066 5-5-5-15

    what ya got going on for cooling?

    thats a high OC on the 9550
  8. To answer the OP's question. I have a 9850, and have had only AMD systems(other than my dell i got for college). I have sucessfully reached 2.9 ghz with only minor voltage tweaks and multiplier changes. I have yet to tinker with the FSB.

    I suggest tinkering with Voltages and multipliers and the FSB. Make sure you have a good cooler, because the voltage scares me the most with heat damage. the AMD Overdrive program is extremely easy to use and works very well with the little steps toward the magic 3.0

    Hopefully you have a 790x or Fx mobo


  9. i cant get past 2.93 without it crashing under a stress test
  10. :love: I support AMD.but phenom is too hard to overclock..
  11. my 9850 is at 3Ghz. low your Muili and increase ur Bus
  12. check up on google and you will find out that with air u will only reach around 3.0Ghz stable. however with a very good water cool system i would estimate perhaps a 3.5Ghz

    i know with liquid nitrogen you can reach 4.0Ghz with the phenom but thats at tournaments.

    i think AMD have a little way to go before they fully realise the potential of there True Quad core layout.

    so its 3.0Ghz for now until the new chipsets are realeased
  13. hey ive got a 9750 phenom, how would i go about overclocking it? im pretty noob when it comes to it. i have increased the fsb in the bios with pretty unimpressive results.
  14. We got a lot of work ahead of us. I received the X4 9850 yesterday and its been nothing but a struggle. I have the M2N32 SLI Deluxe and that was an AM2 only mobo to begin with you have to update the BIOS to use the AM2+ chips. So i put the new chip in and im getting temps in the low 60s and this is at idle. had to lower my v-core down to 1.125 just to get it to low 50's in idle. I am switching between the stock cooler and a zalman 9500 but i dont get much of a differential between the two. I tried overclocking as well but it keeps freezing up on me as soon as i start prime 95. So far i got it to 3ghz and was able to run games, 3d mark and do some browsing but as soon as i start prime 95 it freezes up. I'm going to keep trying different things. Good luck.
  15. if you raise the fsb, lower the ht, nb, and ram speeds. for ht and nb multiplier, good numbers are:
    @225 fsb = 8 multiplier = 1800 mhz
    @257 fsb = 7 multiplier = 1800 mhz

    i kept the nb and ht speeds under 1800 until i found a stable fsb, then raised them again.

    for ram, lower the speed to maintain a 400 mhz, 1:2 or 3:5 ratio. 667mhz, 5-5-5-15 seems to be a relatively stable setting for pc-6400, ddr2, 800mhz, 1 gb chips.

    is it a BE chip? if so, try keeping your fsb 200 and raising the multiplier only.
  16. i got my 9850 to 3.1 with a 15.5multi and a minor voltage change (+0.100).

    Using a coolermaster v8 to keep things nice and cool. idle 35C
  17. maybe im the master or maybe just an idiot but i have the 9850 be and this mobo
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813135097 it was cheap and its not that bad anyway i clocked mine up to 3.0 ghz at 15x multi and 1.275v with the stock hs/f and it idles at no more than 32c and will not get over 50c under 100% load on all 4 cores i ran cpustabtest for 3 hours and had no problems at all

    i did set the cpu fan to 3125rpm all the time also but still it stays very very cool for stock
  18. Ok I'm seeing some misinformation here. Some of you are saying "I got mine up to 3.1" and the like. You could get it up to 3.5ghz and it doesn't matter a bit unless it stays stable under stress. Heck I was feeling stupid one night and I got it up to 3.4 and watched my system crash 10 seconds later.

    What were looking for is a *stable* overclock, meaning after you overclock you run a stress test (amd overdrive) (prime95) at the very least run folding@home overnight.

    So far I'm sitting at 2.8ghz *stable* right now. I did a lot of trial and error myself and eventually I cracked and sought help. http://www.legitreviews.com/article/682/13/
    this article shows you how to OC to 2.8ghz without raising voltage, just cpu multiplier to 14x. Not bad.. The article also shows you how to get 2.9 by adjusting the voltage a little. I'm ocd so if I go 2.9 I'm going to want 3.0 and so far I haven't found a way that keeps my system running stable.
  19. I am running a xfx 750a and have 3.0 stable with a 9850 be ddr 6400 ocz platinum with only a change to 15x multiplier. Voltage hovers around 1.33 and idel temp is 32-35. I have not touched any other settings and it is stable. I also had a 5000+ be and did the same thing on two different boards ran with a 16x multipier other board was m2n sli delux. AMD's do not like to have there bus speeds messed with that is the point of the BE so you can up the multiplier and put the board under no extra stress.
  20. I run my Phenom 9850BE on 3 GHZ

    - CPU multiplier: 15X- not overclocked RAM: 1066 mhz 5-5-5-16 unganged,
    - Northbridge clock: 2000 Mhz , not OC
    - Hyper Transport:2000 Mhz, not OC
    - FSB: 200 Mhz not OC

    I do just a lite increase at core:1.3125 V, under real use PC run absolutly stable and flawless at average load variations (from idle to 95% load) for more than 24/48 hours continous and 5 hours of stress test with AMD OD and Everest.
    Temps: Idle: 35c, 90~100% load: 46~54c (after 45 min full load). I have to mention the motherboard reported temp is 28~31c because I set an extra 80 cm fan toward RAM sticks, chipset and power capacitors line zone, it help the meager residual lateral air flow of Big Typhoon to motherboard.

    I make the OC with AMD Overdrive, however I prepare the terrain before by previously make a little OC in bios to 13x for 2.6 GHZ, I don´t know if that make sense, but it seem to contribute to stability when final 3Ghz OC is done after on OS with AMDOD, when I try OC to 3Ghz from bios things start go bad, although system boot fine, sometimes the OS (Windows XP SP3) does not complete load and cause PC re-boot.

    I don´t think about overclock my Phenom 9850EB beyond 3 or 3.1 Ghz because even at 2.5 Ghz it cover my usual need basis, however now I maintain the little OC of 2.6 Ghz from bios all the time, I feel it give a extra push to PC average performing, and for some heavy music and video edition (Nuendo, Protools, Sony Vegas, big sampler and VSTi virtual instruments, and sometimes some gaming time) I go to 2.8 to 3 Ghz.,..luckily under the stunning and rare kingdom of stability. Thanks God!!

    My stuff: CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9850BE, mobo: MSI K9A2 CF chipset 790X (the current version with 125 wats and AM3 support), Kingston HyperX 2GB DDR2 1066MHz PC2-8500, Thermaltake TR2500 PS, CPU cooler: Big Typhoon VR (mirror lapped). storage: 1.5 TB blue caviar, 7200 rpm 16 Mb buffer, (three HD units of 500 GB each). Thermaltake SopranoRS case.
  21. I overclocked my 9850 to 3.0ghz on an ASUS M2N-MX-SE Plus (BIOS: 0503), then ran Prime95 without any issues for 8+hours set to extreme settings.

    With a CM Hyper 212 Plus, I've never seen the temps rise over 47c outside Prime95, which ran the proc to 67c for brief moments before the fan speed on the 212 kicked it up a notch and cooled it back down.

    This is a multiplier overclock without any change to the voltages or bclock as any changes to that would make the configuration unstable to the point of crashing under any heavy loads.

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