GA-P35-DS3R - Having a strange memory voltage issue

I'm using a GA-P35-DS3R with some Crucial memory that's supposed to operate at 2.2v. The memory tends to heat up a bit at that voltage. If I use 2.0v, the memory runs fine at stock DDR800, but it won't overclock as well. So running at 2.1v would be the obvious choice.

The problem is, the MB just won't seem to supply 2.1v. When I set it to +0.4v, the BIOS reports vDIMM of ~2.2, and at +0.2v, it reports ~2.0v (and it reports correctly at any other voltage I've tested). When I set it to +0.3v, it still reports 2.0v instead of 2.1v.

I know voltages aren't always reported accurately, but every other voltage I've tried reported correctly, and this one is always 0.1v lower than it should be. It's done it on more than one version of the BIOS. I'm just wondering if anyone else has encountered this, or if it's just my specific board (which works fine other than this). If someone else could test their board, I'd be curious to know if it's maybe an overlooked bug in the BIOS.
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  1. I've had exactly the same problem, only I had 4GB (2 x 2GB modules) OCZ ram. It also claimed it needed 2.1v, and the m/b won't boot without it. At the moment I can only run 2GB. I'm hoping someone knows how to configure the settings (timings etc? Don't know if that's right, just something I read) so I can use the full potential of it.
    Sorry I can't help, looks like we both need it!

    Thanks anyone :D
  2. The 2.1/2.2V is maximum operating voltage... Leave voltage default.. like mrsbytch said - a tolerance of -/+ 0.4V should allow for overclocking... Dont max it just coz it says so lol......
  3. Just run 2.2v if thats what they say, thats what its made for. Ram can take allot of heat 50c-60c(that would feel hot to us) is like nothing to memory....

    An most companies allow a tolerance of +- 0.1 volts(from the max), that means that even 2.3 should have been considered when they made it(not saying to use it without some kind of cooling...)....

    If you are worried you can grab an Antec spotcool(or some ram cooler) and set it over the ram.....
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