2 Computer USB 2.0 and 1 External Enclosure/Drive ??

Hello Everyone,

I am way out of my league with this question but i have spent hours looking on Google trying to find the answer

Q : Is there any Device out there ( BRAND ) External Enclosure or External Hardrive that would let me Hook up 2 Computers via USB 2.0

I don't want alternative solution Network share etc etc ... I want a BRAND or just NOT POSSIBLE .. hardware limits..

thank you for your time and sorry for dumb question ! Out of all place i don't expect to get trolled here.

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  1. nope
  2. :( well thank you for the answer

    he he i expected to be a device out there
  3. You can use a USB Share switch that will allow you to share a USB external hard drive between two computers. There are others that are hotkey active. Google USB switch.
  4. only thing that comes to mind is using different connectors, so have a drive with usb and e-sata or firewire and then plug usb on one machine and then the other on the other machine, no idea if it would work, kinda doubt it.

    or just get another cable and switch it over as necessary without having to go down the back of the machine, not exactly a solution.

    last thought - get a proper nas device which cost a little bit more than a external hd and plug that into your router.
  5. ^ Wouldn't work, imagine two computers updating the MFT at the same time or trying to use the same sector for different files...

    Also using a USB switch (they do exist) is asking for problems, you would have to GUATANTEE that a safe remove was performed before switching.
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