Some advice on Dell desktop 530

Hello guys. Need some advice and help if you can.

Im planning to get dell desktop 530 inspiron. Main reason im getting is that they are offering some good deals, like 22" lcd, 500gb HD etc etc. I just want to get a reasonable desktop, cause plan to save up for a custom built gaming systems sometime next year.
Main Q is, that should i wait for the Penryn chips? Because, im just lookin at the core2duo E6550 processor max, cause of the 1333fsb. I dont need to go higher on that. The Penryn chips, might come with more cache, but I dont really see any big thing about them. would the desktops become more cheaper with penryn introduction? Im basically planning to build a gaming system soemtime at Q3 2008.

Also, I want good enough gaming for now. By default the insprison 530 comes with nvidia 8300GS. That is too low, So i can upgrade to the 8600GT DDR3 one for 139 australian dollars (thats about US$120 according to todays exchange rate :P) more. Should I go for that upgrade from dell, or stick to the basic 8300gs, and purchase a better card for 139$?

Thanks for your help, my brain really fries with such decisions :P
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  1. Oh sorry, the nvidia 8300gs is 128mb. The 8600GT is 256 mb ddr3. You can a 8600gt 512mb ddr2, but again I do not know which is more better. Thanks
  2. Does this system come with an onboard video card? If so buy a better videocard and transfer it to the new system. Also I would go with the E6750 processor its a little more powerful for not too much more.
  3. no, 8300gs is the lowest one. I thought one could not upgrade if you had an onboard video card? or was that just for laptops?
    The budget I have already is pretty tight, just have a little flexibility for the graphics card portion, and even then cant spend that much :I.
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