i want to have 2 separate HD's, XP/Vista64 with a non-dual boot

i need some information on how to run the 2 HD's separately, 1 at a time

Ive looked around and have found some info, none I'm sure of.. I hope someone has a link to good easy low technical instructions.. i will settle for changing the HD's in the BIO's if necessary...i need some help, thanks

I'm thinking about getting a biger new HD putting XP on it, and later maybe put VISTA on the new HD.. maybe. i hear its easier to put V64 onto XP. but i hear that a dual boot messes up the Recovery system in Vista. and i hear if it isn't done right Vista can crash.. i cant deal with that, i cant risk it.

i am just sick if messing with the problems that still plague Vista, like other peoples programs not getting upgraded, or saying they are and they aren't, i got all new vista compatible hardware..i thought. they still don't work, they disappear, i spend hours and hours.. days getting no where. so i thought I'd just park it till they get it fixed.

i built this rig last summer, i was wondering if i could run XP64 without a lot of problems..i'd like to keep my 8Gb RAM. i plan to get Dragon10 because I'm tired of typing with one hand, my left hand was recently amputated.. that takes a Gig of ram and they are not going to have it updated to Vista64 till later next year ..if ever, and i have a 1Gig Game card and want to play in Multiplayer Competition, Cable. i have 8 gigs of RAM now..

BUT I'll settle for XP32 to get things running again I can deal with 4 Gb RAM .. It never seams to use that much now anyway. tho my computer test now comes out at 5.7

ANTEC 900 Case.
ASUS Rampage Formula X48.
Intel Xeon 3110 3MHz Core2 Duo.
VISTA 64bit Home Premium.
Silent Knight2 CPU cooler.
8GB OCZ Reaper HPC DDR2 1400.
2x Western Digital Caviar 500GB HD RAID1.
VisionTec Radeon HD 3870 1 Gb.
Cosair 750 watt PSU
OPTI UPS Battery Back Up.
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  1. Here's what you could do:

    1. Before installing an OS on a hard drive, set it as the boot disk.
    2. If the Rampage Formula allow selecting the boot device via F8 at POST, then leave the disk containing the OS that you use the most as the boot disk and use F8 to select the other one whenever you want to use that OS.

    That's how I setup XP and Vista on my desktop system. It's also less confusing when both disks are not identical as you always know which one you selected as your boot disk.
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