what graphics card will work with this computer?

IBM netvista
Pentium 4
2.4 Ghz
Nvidia Geforce 4 mx 420
256 ram

Ill post any other info that is needed. what i really want to do is put in more RAM and a better graphics card ( which would be basically anything at all). ive been considering upgrading this computer for like the past 50 years and now im actually planning on doing it for real lol. Anyways, I need to figure out what card will actually plug into the pc and work and all that, so any help you guys could give would be awesome, thanks.
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  1. ok we need to know if your motherboard is pci-e or agp most likely it will be agp an x1950 pro is currently the best agp card atm but you may want a cheaper card in case you get a motherboard and processor upgrade in the near future. ok what games do you want to play you would struggle with most of todays games even with a new card and more ram. i would recomend if you want to play the latest games get a new motherboard cpu graphics card and ram. it depends on your budget a new system would be cheaper in the long run because agp is getting old now.
  2. ok i think i have a couple PCI slots, but the card that i currently have is plugged into the AGP slot cause its in a brown slot. Im not sure if they are PCI slots or not, but they are the long white ones, and i have 2 empty ones. Could i put a card into those?
  3. i think those are standard pci slots which you can get graphics cards for ok agp hmmm how much can you spend on a card in US dollars?
  4. What exactley are you planning to do with your PC? You can upgrade Ram and Video but you still will not be able to Play new games like Crysis and Call of duty 4 on high settings but with older Directx9 games your pc will be able to coupe without a problem with more Ram and new Video of course.

    It would be good to know what Power supply your PC has?
  5. Yeah im planning on playing new games like the ones you mentioned. I dont really want the absolute highest settings or anything, i just want to be able to play with like reasonable gfx and speed.

    Another question i had was if there is a big difference between PCIE and AGP? ive read up on this now and i what im getting is that AGP is slower even if you have the EXACT same graphics card, which would suck, but could someone clear that up?

    I was looking at this card and this memory, would they work on my computer? It would cost altogether a little under $150 which is what im looking to spend altogether. I know you probably need more info, like about the motherboard so ill put that up if you need it, thanks.



    Oh, i forgot to mention that i would be buying two of the memory sticks, so that would be 1 gig of memory. Thats where the $150 would come from altogether (with the gfx card rebate).
  6. i also found this memory from PQI and it would be a little cheaper overall to get this one instead of two 512's


    Does anyone know anything about PQI memory? Are they any good? It would be a little cheaper but i dont want it to break on me the first day.
  7. is this your pc? http://www.ciao.co.uk/IBM_NetVista_A30p_8310__5359403#productdetail
    if this is your system do not get X1650 Pro firstly becouse you have a 185W power supply but this card needs 300W minimum and 350 is recomended and secondly do not buy 512 mb versions of cards with 128 bit becouse there will be almost no perfomance boost comparing to 256 mb version.

    AGP is not slower than PCIE.

    Didn't heard about PQI memory but i am using 2 NOname ram modules for 3 years already and so far no problems :)

    My advice:
    Asus has faster memory but it runs hot in games i had about 100 degrees in FEAR

    This one from EVGA is not bad ,memory is 700 mhz effective but i think it will OC to 800 mhz if needed

    But even 7600GS Needs at least 250W power supply so i am not sure that your 185W will have enough power :(
  8. Yeah that looks like its my computer, but I do not have a 185 watt PSU. I put in a 330 watt one because the one in here broke, so the x1650 pro should be okay right?

    The cards you recommended look good, except that they are a little more expensive, if i buy the x1650 pro i can keep the entire purchase (with the memory) under 150 dollars, so i think thats better. i was noticing on the ones that you showed that they also have the 128 bit memory interface too, with only 256 mb, so why would that be better?

    Im looking to play games like FEAR, Splinter cell chaos theory, CAll of duty 2 (and maybe 4?) and oblivion. How do you guys think my setup would do?

    Also, i was wondering if these 4x/8x cards are even going to plug into my AGP slot on the motherboard? Does the 4x/8x mean that it can plug into either a 4x or 8x slot ( i think my slot is a 4x) or am i getting that wrong?

    Thanks for all your help so far guys im planning on doing this thing and buying the card and memory within the next couple days.
  9. Well according to tomshardware charts http://www23.tomshardware.com/graphics_2007.html?modelx=33&model1=717&model2=735&chart=318 x1650 Pro with DDR 3 1386mhz memory perfoms similar to 7600GS with DDR2 800mhz ,the thing is that HIS 1650 Pro AGP has slow 512 mb DDR 2 memory onboard instead of usual ddr3 and in these caise this card will be little bit slower + consumes a little bit more power but both cards are good anyway :)

    AGP 4x/8x are backwards compitable so 8x agp card will fit in to 4x slot but may perform slower if this is really high end card in your case the perfomance drop will not be big i think about 5-10% maybe less.
  10. One quick question...

    Will this graphics card:


    work with this computer:


    I think the card requires PCI-E x16 and the computer has one of those slots but it is being used. Im assuming the graphics card already in there is using it.

    so do you think this combo will work, and also what psu will i need because i know i will need more than the 300w in there already.

    ???????? im really stuck on this one, any help would be very much appreciated!
  11. Thanks.

    do you think that graphics card will definatley fit in my case (in terms of size)?

    and maybe could you suggest a PSU that would be sufficent and would fit in my case, I can never find one with the right measurments.

    thanks alot for this youre really helping me
  12. Shadow703793 said:


    do you think that graphics card will definatley fit in my case (in terms of size)?

    and maybe could you suggest a PSU that would be sufficent and would fit in my case, I can never find one with the right measurments.

    thanks alot for this youre really helping me
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