DET DRAM (I want a f'in kill something)

So i have the striker extreme mobo. I got a new sound card tonight so i took it apart and put some things together. Tried to cut it back on and BOOM DET DRAM... I have 4 sticks of crucial ballistix ram, i took all out but 1 of them. I ahve been switching out the ram sticks and still nothing. I mean wtf? I tried resetting the cmos and all that but nothing is helping. I also get an ERRORM56 but i can find nothing on the web about it.
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  1. Take the sound card out and see what happens.
  2. I was able to get to bios... i set the voltage to 2.1 which i saw on another forum. And still, same problem after i reset. I am ****ing sick of Asus right now. I just want a fuill 16x SLI board that works.
  3. I doubt it has ant thing to do with Asus. If you list some specs you might get some help.

    Usually when you have a bad boot on a Asus you need to do a cmos reset with the power supply unplugged from the wall.
  4. I used the computer allllll day with no problems. I thought all the posts about the striker were wrong.

    I had it auto overclocked 10% just testing some things out. When i got home, as i said, i got a sound card, unplugged everything, installed the sound card, moved some cords around to make it cleaner and plugged it all back up. I never removed the memory or CPU/Heatsink.

    The first thing that came up was the DET DRAM. When i looked it up, people were saying the voltage was set too low (1.8v) and it needed to be 2.1. After moving memory around from slot 1-4, slot three finally worked. I got into the bios ONLY aftering taking out everything but the video card and one stick of ram (even the hard drive was removed from the mobo. I could get to "entering setup...." but until i took away the SATA cord from the mobo, it would just hang there.

    I got into the bios, changed the voltage to 2.1, reset, same problem.

    I am using a Q6600 CPU
    2x Asus 8800GT
    Antec True Power 650w PSU
    4x1GB Crucial memory (on the QVL list)
    and obviously the Striker Extreme mobo

    I am not sure the bios version as it wont post anymore and i am honestly just sick of dealing with it.

    I would love to get it working but it just seems like there are so many touchy problems with the 680i boards.
  5. Just put it 1 stick of ram, set the voltages and timings to there listed specs and see what happens. You might just have a bad stick of ram.
  6. borrow a voltmeter and check all the outputs of the PSU. especially check the power supply outputs to the HDD and other devices that were not recognized by the motherboard.

    is there carpeting in the room your computer is in? is it cold outside where you live? is the humidity low? when you touch doorknobs in the house do you ever get an ESD? after you unplugged the PSU (important since even when computer is off there is usually power going to the +5V standby rail) did you press the power on button to drain the capacitors?

    if the environment is conducive to electrostatic charge build up, even touching the case to equalize your electrostatic potential can damage things. an electrostatic wrist band may help - it connects you to the case through a high resistance that allows you to equalize your potential slowly.
  7. Yea the comp is on the floor (carpet). Here is one thing i noticed last night... One of my power cords which is only powering a fan on the top of the case was not spinning... I had it plugged into the DVD and then onto the single fan. I unplugged it from the DVD and then plugged into only the fan and it works but only after some time when i cut on the system. I was thinking it might be the PSU but that didint make sense since it brand new and was working 5 hours before. Should i snag a new PSU and see if that helps?
  8. Trying a different PSU couldn't hurt. PSU can fail in a variety of ways. Since you are using two video cards, you need a higher wattage power supply than most. What PSU do you currently have?

    If you are ordering a new PSU, get a tier 3/4 PSU or better. PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750W is often recommended on this message board. If you have not already done so, go visit the sticky note about power supplies that ranks them by tiers. While you are ordering things, order an ESD wristband. Another consideration when getting a PSU is if it is SLI ready/certified (the PC P&C 750 is).

    Somewhere on this board is a link to a power consumption webpage that can tell you, based on your configuration, what wattage PSU you need. 750W should cover most configurations.

    (And if there is a radio shack down the street from you, buy a multmeter and check those voltages on your PSU. I think everyone should own a multimeter :) )
  9. I have an antec 650 which on the website nvidia website was sli certified. I worked fine.
  10. psu problems are annoying, but this doesn't sound like one. a psu problem usually means no power or computer randomly shutting off. i wouldn't go spending a lot on another psu before exhausing all other possibilities. this sounds more like a motherboard or memory issue to me, something to do with ram voltage or maybe a memory slot got torqued and messed up.
  11. Take off the sound card and try reflashing the BIOS and see if it helps.
  12. When i get home, i will try again to get it to boot but would clearing the cmos or anything help? Shold i just get a floppy disc and make do the bios thing? A newer bios maybe fix the problem?
  13. Are you a non-english speaker? Look at your first post and (from the perspective of someone else) try to tell me that you understand what the hell you wrote. If you are looking for advice, please be more clear. "Tried to cut it back on and BOOM DET DRAM" <<< WTF does that mean? My first suggestion would be to put the crackpipe down, then learn english and then begin to type.
  14. Tried to cut it back on and BOOM, DET RAM since you obviously can't extrapolate.
  15. For all those who care, I was able to get the computer to start up after switching out one of my 8800GT cards. I then flashed the BIOS with the latest version from Asus and I am currently installing XP Pro 64.

    Just some advice for those who might be reading this thread (though I guess if you are reading this, you might already have this problem) but my hell started after I used the auto overclocking option... I put it at 15% but then back it down to 10%.

    I never set the Bios back to default before I shut down the computer and pulled the power from the PSU so I could install my sound card.

    From what I read, doing this from a cold boot can screw up the motherboard. Well obviously that was true. So I guess what I am trying to say is, update your BIOS first thing :)

    I have yet to see if the computer will be stable when I plug eveything back up but for now, it's working.

    Thanks a lot to everybody who helped.
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