RAID 2+0 Stripe Problem

We had a "flash" power failure and afterwards my RAID array went off line.
It's not a mirrored array, just two 160GB drives connected as a striped array.
I was mainly planning to use this for AV editing, but I also have some other data stored there.
Promise RAID using MBFasttrack133
My operating system is on a separate hard drive so this is still OK.

Initially it just seemed like the array was off line, but after checking for loose connections and rebooting, the second drive reappeared as a new array.

I get the following when I start up:
1-------------2+0 Stripe----320083M-----38914/255/63--------Off Line
2--*---------1+0 Stripe----160041M-----19457/255/63--------Functional

When I go into the Fastbuild utility I get the following information:

For the first array:

Array No------RAID Mode-------Total Drv------Capacity(MB)-------Status

Array 1--------Stripe-----------------2------------320083--------------Off line

Stripe Block:------64 KB

Channel:ID----------Drive Model--------------------Capacity (MB)
----1:Mas----------WDC WD1600AAJB-00PVA0------160041
-?-:-?----------------failed or disconnected...

Then the second drive in the array now comes up as a second array:

Array No-----RAID Mode------Total Drv------Capacity(MB)----Status

Array 2----------Stripe--------------1-------------160041---------Functional

Stripe Block:-------0.5 KB

Channel : ID----Drive Model---------------------Capacity (MB)
----2:Mas-------WDC WD1600AAJB-00PVA0-----160041

I am thinking of deleting the second array to see if it will return to the fold after a reboot (have serious doubts that this will work).

Anybody know if there is any other way I can try to fix this ?
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  1. You are screwed, sorry to be so blunt. RAID 0 is not redundant, provides no protection for ANY drive error, and as you're finding out, basically unrepairable. Use at least RAID 1 next time, and if you're really serious about your data, get a controller that will run RAID 5, three drives in the array and one hot swap, even better would be five drives...
  2. M - Thanks for your reply.

    I decided to try the ham fisted approach and deleted both arrays, then rebooted and rebuilt the array to match the original parameters.

    This has (surprisingly) recovered the data.

    After this experience, I have to generally agree with your comments. In my opinion RAID 0 should not be used unless you regularly backup your data, and even then avoid using for any critical data and definitely not for the operating system or any software.
  3. If you recreate with the exact same parameters, ur data is saved. The next time, do not write to the array until you have professional/good/verified information on what to do next, if your data is really important.

    Should you have used different variables (RAID level, stripe size, disk order, number of disks) then your data is likely screwed, especially with RAID5 (rebuild destroys your data in this case).

    As for the backup, buy a WD Green WD10EADS 1TB SATA disk, consumes only 2,9W idle and stores alot of data for a good price (~95 euro), making it an excellent backup disk.
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