I wanna move JUST OS to new HD. is it possible?

hi, i havent really been on this site before and im not really sure if this is the right spot to post this but wutever.

anyways, I got a new solid state HD and im tryin to copy just the OS files to it (xp x64). i plan to use norton ghost, but i never used it before and i was wondering if its possible to transfer my xp to the new HD while keeping the programs and such on my larger HDD. :/ i hope someone can help. thank you.
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  1. Nah, I would just doa fresh install anyway...it should go quick with the ssd
  2. haha yea figured k thanx dude
  3. No sorry the only way to move a OS is to ghost the whole HDD or reformat and start over.

    I tried to do the same thing as you move just the OS ... Didnt work.

    I Also tried to move just my games to another HDD without reinstalling them. The games got messed up and I lost all my saved games.

    So back up what files you need and start over again.

    ...I want a SSD.
  4. hope you didn't get a ocz core ssd... they have tons of issues... i know from experience :(
  5. its called knoppix and boot.ini. you may end up having to change the boot.ini file after you transfer all the OS files over, and some other work pending the setup. i have done it before with a 20% success rate, so be cautious if you don't do a fresh install
  6. If you have an install disk you can install your OS on the new drive and use the old one for storage even if the OS is still on the drive. When you start the OS for the first time it will give you 30 days to activate it with the Windows server. When you activate it will DE-acrivate the old install.
  7. thanx a lot guys. i plan to buy http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231221 soon. has anyone heard anything bad about this one?
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