Will my new psu work?

I recently started having internittent problems with my computer creating all kinds of different errors from the system telling my hardware has failed & then it's back on re-boot, memtest failes sometimes, windows can't load to random bsod.

SO, having said that I was thinking of modding the case to accept an antec 650w true power trio power supply I have.

My main question is if anyone knows what special requirements are needed as I know Dell makes their JUNK all propitary.

Here are the specs for each

Antec true power trio 650 watt atx 12v v2.2 & eps 12v

1x 20+4 pin
1 x 4 Pin 12V
1 x 8 Pin 12V
2 x PCI-E
4 x SATA
6 x Molex
1 x Floppy
1 x Fan RPM Monitor

Dell 350w

DC Power Connector P1 - 24pin
DC Power Connector P2 - 4pin
DC Power Connectors, P3 and P5 - 5pin
DC Power Connector P4 - 6pin
DC Power Connector P6 - 4pin
DC Power Connector P7 - 4pin
DC Power Connectors, P8 and P9 - 4pin
DC Power Connector P10 - 6pin
The P10 connector is intended for use with PCI Express graphics cards that have power requirements exceeding 75 watts.

These are all the specs I could find on dells website.

I guess my biggest concern is whether or not the pinouts will work correctly. I can mod the case if needed but I dont see the same p7 connector on.


If this connector is needed then can i get an adapter for it? And what connector on the new PSU does it plug into?
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  1. Dell doesn't make all thier "junk" proprietary, typically nowadays it's just the case and motherboard.
    The "P7" connector is for the floppy drive and is standard on almost all power supplies including your TPT 650

    Forgot to mention, yes it's a standard ATX pinout, so it should work.
  2. Well, I really appreciate the advice but I can't just go on (yes it's a standard ATX pinout, so it should work).
    I REALLY NEED to know FOR SURE. This is the only system I currently have running & it would be like a crack withdrawl to lose it.

    Also, what's the 8-pin connector for on the new antec psu?

    How can i post an image. I can't figure it out.
  3. The 8 pin connector is for motherboards that require it for cpu power, rather than the standard 4 pin.
    You don't want to take my word for it, Google yourself a 24 pin ATX pinout guide and match it up to the pinout in the manual.
  4. No insult intend. I came to this forum cause' I felt you guys obviously know more than I. I just wanted to be sure. I'm having surgery tomorrow so it may be a few days but i'll post the results as soon as I have any. All of your help is greatly appreciated. If U or anyone else has some specific info they can post it would be greatly appreciated. I just don't want to take any chances.

    Also, do you think that it probably IS my power supply causing random BSOD & errors. I have removed video card drivers (even though they've been there for over a year) & re-installed old ones, did several memory tests, cleaned all parts, It's the only thing else I can think of.
  5. It's entirely possible that the psu could be causing your problems, since you have an extra on hand it's easy enough to try it first, or maybe not with the clamshell case :pt1cable:
    If that doesn't fix it , it could be the motherboard itself considering the different issue's you're having.
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