Error loading operating system because fail format hdd

I have a problem with my notebook. Yesterday I installed windows XP, then there is a step to format my harddisk. When processsing format my hard disk, cable power suplly is plug out. Notebook direct shutdown.

After turn on my notebook, there is a massage "error loading operating system". I aready tried using CD install windows xp but still problem.

Can you help my problem..
or how to format my hard disk from usb disk? is there free software for that?
thank you.
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  1. You could perhaps use a utility from your HDD manufacturer, like seatools for seagate and write zeros to the drive before reinstalling xp.
  2. Hi Akang

    Clean your CD-Rom drive first and make it as bootable drive , then Re-format your hard disk. It's normal to get the "error loading operating system" message , since the formatting process is not completed.
    Something similar used to happened with me , by removing and incerting the CD the problem get solved.

    Good Luck
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