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My office is using a aDSL modem router (single LAN output) + a firewall router setup. I cannot adjust the firewall router setting. The firewall router has blocked many internet features. However without the firewall router i will not be able to assess to company email and other applications (through internet).

I can change the aDSL modem router to 4 LAN output type, or add a 4port hub in between. I am thinking of connecting 1 cable direct from the modem to my NIC1, and then another cable from the firewall router to NIC2. In that case i will have 2 LAN IP in the PC; will this work? How the PC know which "line" to use when i use specific program?

Thank you.
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  1. i dont know of a way to do it other than to enable/disable the 2 different lan interface cards when you want to switch.
  2. I just tested putting a switch in between modem and firewall router. It seems that the modem + switch need to start first, then followed by the firewall router. I am able to get an IP generated by the modem.

    I am yet to connect another cable to NIC2 from firewall router.
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