CPU-Z says my memory is 400mhz. Why?

I downloaded CPU-Z and went to "SPD" at the top and for my memory it says:

Max Bandwidth: PC2 6400 (400mhz)

But my memory is Dominator 8500 1066 MHZ.

Then i went to "Memory" at the top to see what speed it is running at and its 379 MHZ.
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  1. What are your BIOS memory settings?
    Also mention CPU/Motherboard combo and if you tested at idle and full load (like while gaming).
  2. Everything set to AUTO in bios. I have an option to change to 1066 MHZ but i was worried about messing something up. If i change it to 1066 MHZ wont i need to change other settings?

    My cpu is Q6600 and motherboard is asus maximus forumla.
  3. make it 2x the fsb, for a q6600 its 266*2, so 533. but if you oc, change the 266 to what the fsb is then multiply by 2
  4. imrul said:
    make it 2x the fsb, for a q6600 its 266*2, so 533

    So in his case, its 379x2 or 758mhz...so about 800mhz

    You are in the right area there OP.
  5. I want to put it at 1066 MHZ, Can i set it to this and then leave the Voltage to Auto?
  6. I think I mis-understood what imrul was saying. He has the right numbers to take you up to 1066
  7. apparently your Mobo/BIOS does not automaticaly recognize, and thus set your memory at it's rated specs. Manualy set the frequency and voltage according to the memory specifications (i'm guessing 2.1V). You might be limited by your mobo though.
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