Windpows Install doesn't see all my drives

I tried to install the retail version od Windows on the second internal drive of my HP m7367c but the install program doesn;t recognize either sata internal drives
cobtacted HP to attempt getting the correct dos drivers that will allow it to be seen by the installer but the only drivers I could get from them was for their own OEM version which I want replaced as well the chipset is Intel 945PL yet when looking for the appropiate download couldn't make any sense out od which drivers I actually need
for all internal drives be seen by the Windows Installer
Can you help need the appro[piate DOS drivers
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  1. addenum to the last post
    Since posted yesterday advised by hp to have both sata drives set to ide mofe and try installing Windows to to the second internal drive Still didn;t show up Only drives visible to Windows was all external drives only
    also found the correctsraid drivers that that had my chipset as one of the selections but after hitting F6 when the Windows installer started the installer still didn;t see it or even the C drive as valid choices
    those coould be idenfied easy enough by their drive letter and label
    I.m stumped at what to do next the opyion of selecting an esata drive is not very appealing
    and as yet their is not a MBR record installed which would show what drive to be booted from as yet Figured Windows would set that up
    both rives are set as non raid disks but so are all the external drives set as non raid drives and have no use for raid capabilities so not even going to experience that complication
  2. check your bios to see whether raid is turned on, just open up each menu and see if you can see it, should be pretty obvious.

    if it is - disable it and try again.
  3. I have set Sata to from Raid to IDE mose and tried as HP sugggested and Sata to Raid Mode and used the ich8r disk and selected the ICH7Dh drivers for the 82801GH Sata Controller and neither would be recognized however at this writing may see if setting Sata to ACHI may work to reveal that or use the ich8r disk as well.
  4. I get it that's Windows XP you want to install. (but it doesn't matter)
    Some BIOS need the drives shwing in the boot order to be detected at all. Do the drives show up on Post? (you might need to ask HP how to actually see it) If the BIOS do not show the drives, then no way the OS will!
  5. the bios sees both drives and both Vista and XP can be called up
    The problem is on;y in Vista iy can;t see the XP drives XP can see the Vista drive as XP is on the first onternal drive and Vista is on the second drive
    Did /I menton they they are both Sata drives and not IDE id that helps
  6. The vista installer first asks if you want to "upgrade" or clean install... if you chose clean install the XP drive will be hidden.

    your writing is confusing... are we still talking about the installer stage or after the OS is actually booted?
  7. Vista is on Disk 1 sata channel 1
    XP MCE is on Disk 0 sata channel 0
    the bios can see all drives on the system including the ecternal usb/ide
    XP MCE is on disk 0 and has XP on it
    Vista is on disk 1 and has Vista on it but when Vista is running rge contents of XP disk O cant be seen by the Explorer not by drive letter or label under Vista Disk 1 drive show up in Disk Management and hidden
    when XP is riunning Vista contents are accessible to the explorer
    As for installing Vista was a neew install and not an upgrade
    swapped out which chaneel the drive was installed in order to do it then after set them back to their original channels
    and turned off or d/c'd all external drives
    the OS 2000 boot loader only installs itself on Disk 0 which can not see Disk 1 bur will not install on Disk 1 where it can read and change what OS can load
    Can only change which OS boots by switching the Boot drive priority in Bios
    Partition Magic attempted to unhide the partion but failed when attempted though
  8. You need the latest version of OSL2000. (version 9 I think to support Vista)
    Partition Magic has no Version that actually support Vista partitions.

    Anyway, you realy need none of them if you install XP first on the primary drive (set it in the boot order right after the DVD) and Vista will create the dual boot when you install it.
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