Confused with front panel audio. need help asap

hi, this is my first time building my own pc, which explains why i ask noob questions. anyways

i have a cooler master cosmos 1000 case. and an asus p5k mobo.

my confusion is that, my mobo has a AAFP internal connector. but my Cosmos case has a AC'97 plug, and a HD Audio plug. im wondering which one of these plugs go into AAFP? or is my AAFP connector compatible with both plugs, and its just a matter of picking one?

if AAFP accepts both plugs without smoke comming out the back, could someone then explain which is better between AC97 and HDAudio? which one should i use?
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  1. btw, probably because this case is quite new, it doesnt not have a million 2pin wires for you to rearrange yourself. its just AC97 and HD. both are 10-1 pin connectors.

    someone tell me which one to connect and which one is better so i dont start a fire by accident please. thanks
  2. Hi,

    just plug the ac97 one.

    Power the computer, go to bios.

    If there is an option in the sound category between ac97/hdaudio, you can set hdaudio, save, power off computer and plug the hdaudio cable.

    hdaudio bring auto detection of headphone and micro.

  3. for anyone *UNLIKELY* who might be reading this in 2012 just look in your mobo manual turn to the page relating to aafp and read what it says. in my case it says either ac97 or hdaudio can be connected
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