Mirror set screw up, can't format corrupted drive

I have a new server with several hot swappable drives. I installed Windows Server on my C: drive. In my disk management window I had drive C: as 'System', and drive D: as 'Active'.

I then enabled RAID in the BIOS and set up a mirrored RAID between two drives in a RAID utility, but my computer kept restarting when I tried to load Windows because apparently I didn't have the right drivers for it to start with RAID set up.

I pressed ctrl + E to go to the RAID utility to stop it from restarting. Then I went to the consistency checker in the RAID utility and started that because I wanted to mirror my operating system between the disks, and it was only on drive C:.

While this was happening, I found some driver stuff that maybe would fix my Windows boot problem with RAID enabled and wanted to test it. So I aborted the RAID consistency checker because it was taking forever and then my computer locked up.

I turned off my computer and back on and disabled the RAID in the BIOS so I could start windows and install my driver stuff. But my driver stuff would not install for some reason.

I went to my disk management and saw that drive D: was now set to 'System' and drive C: was set to 'Boot'. I found that D: was now corrupted. I tried formating D:, but it says that I cannot format the 'System' drive.

Since Windows works fine from the C: drive I'm assuming I could make it the 'System' drive and the 'Boot' drive like before, instead of having the 'System' and 'Boot' split between C: and D:. However, I have no idea how to change C: back to system so that it will let me format my corrupted D: drive. I'm not sure if it is even possible to change.

Help! What should I do?
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  1. Start over, you're doing the job backwards. You must mirror the drives first, then install the OS to the mirrored pair. You'll need a floppy drive and disk to install the RAID controller driver(s) when the Windows install asks you to press F6 for driver(s). If you really want to fix or format drive D, boot a WinBoot CD and do it that way...
  2. Thanks, I'll try that.

    This is my first time doing this, so I wasn't sure. I had problems finding the right RAID drivers and was hoping that I would be able to mirror windows after installing but I guess it doesn't work that way.
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