Accidentally deleted my HD using Disk Management

Hi everyone,

I got a little too fancy and deleted the WRONG HD using Disk Management. All my Pictures and school files are on the deleted external HD. I am an idiot. Is there any way for me to get them back? Thanks for any help.

P.S. I am completely freaked out.
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  1. I believe there are programs out there that restores files that you have deleted (that is if you didn't overwrite them) which I doubt the disk management did. It may be able to help you retrieve those files, just don't have that external HD plugged in or use it in any way till you find a program that will work. (well at least I think something like this will work)

    Hopefully more knowledgable people in this subject will come onto this topic and give you more insight.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I just unplugged the HD. I can’t sleep until this thing is fixed. I downloaded the GetDataBack demo but don’t want to run it yet. Thanks again.
  3. NEVER have only one copy of important info, HDs WILL die sometime. Lookup the meaning of BACKUP!

  4. There's no way in hell that the Microsoft disk management applet deleted any files... it made the disk inaccessible... and yes, that SEEMS just as bad but it's not. The only option I'm seeing is "Delete Partition" so that's probably what you did.
  5. GetDataBack for NTFS has worked for me multiple times, in worst situations (partitions corrupt, lost file system). All your data is in tact, so long as you didn't low-level format the drive. The carpenter adage "measure twice, cut once" is also applicable when it comes to computers. Always double check before you click. And mike99, you're not helpful (although you're right).
  6. +1 for Rodney. 3rd party partition management software should be able to recover all of it.
  7. Thanks everyone,

    I was trying to remove the partition on C. After installing vista and gutting it all day I got sloppy. Mike99, you are right. I had my files on C and external, but to install Vista and GTA 4 I moved them to make room. BIG MISTAKE. KyleSTL, I downloaded GetDataBack for NTFS and the drive shows.

    Should I Recover files onto another HD as to not overwrite data?

    You guys are great. Thanks again for all the help.
  8. Quote:
    Should I Recover files onto another HD as to not overwrite data?

    Yes. After you're done getting everything off the drive, low-level format (I use DBAN) and start with a clean slate. Good luck.
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