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I plan to build by Feb. I have never tried to build a comp and have been doing a ton of research before I try it. Let me know what you guys think of this build. I was hoping to keep it under 1500 but right now it's close to 1700. I want to build mainly for gaming. I plan to play Age of Conan. I might try to OC. I don't know how but it's an option in the future. I think for now I am best just buying parts that are good regardless if I ever OC or not. Everything listed is from Newegg. I have a question about the OEM stuff. If buy an OEM hard drive will it come with all the wires needed? Should even buy OEM stuff since this is my first build?

SAMSUNG 20X DVD±R DVD Burner Black SATA Model SH-S203B - OEM $33.99

COOLER MASTER Stacker RC-832-KKN1-GP Black Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case $169.99

Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST3500320AS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM $119.99

ASUS EN8800GT/G/HTDP/512M GeForce 8800GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail


PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad (Black) EPS12V 750W Power Supply - Retail
Item #: N82E16817703009
Return Policy: Standard Return Policy
-$81.00 Instant

Crucial Ballistix 4GB (4 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Retail
100.00 after rebate.

ASUS P5E LGA 775 Intel X38 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
Item #: N82E16813131219
Return Policy: Limited Non-Refundable 30-Day Return Policy


Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz LGA 775 Quad-Core Processor Model BX80562Q6600 - Retail
Item #: N82E16819115017
Return Policy: Processors (CPUs) Return Policy


Microsoft Windows Vista 64-Bit Home Premium for System Builders Single Pack DVD - OEM
Item #: N82E16832116204
Return Policy: Software Return Policy


ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro 92mm CPU Cooler - Retail


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  1. Your memory choice may or may not boot/run.
    Research the QVL (qualified vendor list) from Asus for more info.
    Also, check with memory vendors to see which modules they recommend for your motherboard choice.
    The Zalman cooler is very effective, but noisy (if you care about noise).
    I recommend an SATA optical such as a Samsung SH-203B.
    OEM drives come with nothing. All is not lost however. Your new motherboard will have all the cables you need, and your case should come with sufficient mounting screws.
  2. Check out this memory at newegg
    Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model BL2KIT12864AA804 - Retail
    Model #: BL2KIT12864AA804
    Item #: N82E16820146565Mail-in Rebate $99.99 -$25.00 Instant $74.99
    Rebate -$25.00 $49.99
  3. The 8800gt has a much better performance to price ratio and is comparable to the 8800gts, if not faster, in most tests.
    512MB Version ->
    256MB Version ->
    I'd recommend the 512mb but if you aren't a really big gamer and want to save some money you can go for the 256MB.
    EDIT: Just read your topic fully, go with the 512mb version, you will adore it. You may want to go with 2 smaller hard drives (OEM) to lower the cost a little bit unless you really need 500GB. You can get two Western Digital 160GB's for 100$ (total of 320GB)
    Also this PSU is 40$ cheaper, provides adequate ampage for the 8800GT, even SLI, and is only 50 watts less. Considered Tier 2 PSU.
    And this MOBO will work with all that (though it's more figity with memory so check the recommended memory or consumer reviews with what they have used) and around $80 cheaper.
    This should lower your overall computer price by close to 200$.
  4. It wouldn't let me edit again but also check out this CPU cooler. Comes with high praises from everywhere, and cheaper of course =P
  5. Thx for all the advise so far guys. I made a few changes based off your suggestions. I looked on Asus's site but didn't find a QVL. I am probably just blind.
  6. AC Freezer 7 Pro IS one of the best economy HSF's available. You have to spend about twice as much to get a substantially better HSF.
  7. I have a question on the hard drive. The reason I chose that one was b/c of the 32mb cache. I don't know a ton about this stuff but it's my understanding the bigger the cache the faster the HD?
  8. Bigger caches allow the drive to rotate less often because there is more data stored in the hard drives cache. I've read a lot saying that it merely lowers power consumption more so over performance. Most people say it is a hardly noticeable performance boost. I just don't mind loading times at all so I'd rather spend less for slightly higher seek times. I am not a space demanding person. I just need enough for a couple hundred songs and a enough for me to install new games. (I uninstall games when I don't play them anymore)
    Though the more I look at that drive the more I am considering buying it myself, it is pretty well priced but I may still stick with my 160gb WD.
  9. I did an update my new total is under 1600. I hope I am not forgetting anything. Any more advice is welcome. You guys are such a help. I been reading this site a while now. I also want this comp as future proof as possible.
  10. Well if you have a P35 MOBO then you have the ability to upgrade to DDR3 (upgrade potential one)and it supports socket LGA 775 45nm processors. (the new extreme quad core for example and coming soon dual core 45nm)

    Of course for gfx you can always buy a new PCi-E card (such as a 10.1DX compliant card in the future) and install more ram. But a computer is only so future proof, the processors coming out in a year or two, such as the new quad cores, will not use socket LGA 775 and thus you will need a new mobo to use them.

    This will probably force you to look at a whole new set-up minus probably your video card, PSU, HD's and DVD drives. But these are all maybes as with faster processors you will want the fastest available ram, Hard Drives, Blu-Ray/HD-DVD drives which will inevitably lead you to needing more power. Then your monitor comes into question, you want HD quality visuals out of your new super fast FUTURE computer but you need a 24"+ monitor to support 1080p AT LEAST. This requires you to have a super duper video card to maintain playable framerates on your new incredibly detailed super high resolution.

    Moore's law always holds true but at the rate things are progressing it almost seems like they may have to drop it from 18 months to 12. >.>

    But I digress, don't stress yourself just know that with this build it will last you AT LEAST 18 months running the newest games available at these times. Your performance will drop as games advance but who doesn't expect that?
  11. Very true! I think I can get at least 2 years out of this comp on any MMO due out. I mainly want it for that reason. I was thinking about ordering most of the stuff and waiting on the new CPUs to come out. Anyone think it's worth it? Seems like I can get a better CPU for the same price if not cheaper if I wait. If they are not out by Feb I was going to just go a head and order the Q6600. This is my first build so I am trying to do everything right. Hah hope I can put all this stuff together.
  12. The q6600 is plenty powerful enough and with the right ram and mobo (the p35c is rated really well for this) you can get upwards of 3.6GHZ out of it EASY. People reviewing the mobo talk about overclocking it to 3.2GHZ with no problem on stock air cooling while maintaining low overall temps, eevn under load. I would suggest get yourself your comp now, then wait for the CPU to come out that REALLY is worth that extra money to put in. I doubt it will be anytime soon. Plus like I said the new quad cores are said to not fit in 775 but the new dual cores will.
    So, when they become as cheap as your overclocked uber-pwnage quad core, buy it.
  13. What about the MB I currently have? I read it works good for OC. I really have no idea how to OC. I don't even know where to start.
  14. It'll do fine. While I'm not sure how it stacks next to the P35 series I do know that the P35 will overclock just as well as this board and is cheaper.
  15. Anyone have a Stacker case? How are the fans in it? From what I can tell this version only comes with 2 fans but room for 6 more. Should I add 6 more or would a half that be ok?
  16. I been looking at the Antec 900 and might go with that. Anyone have an opinion on that case? I plan to buy everything but the CPU, MB and Video card within the next week and buy the rest the week after. Anyone have any further advice before I go for it? Like I said this is my first time build and I want it to go easy. I think I have components that should make things pretty straight forward. I am open to any suggestions that would save some $$ but not lose any performance.
  17. I have the stacker 830. it came with 2 fans, and room for 5 more, 4 on the side, and 1 on the top. But unless you plan to oc, i dont think the extra fans are needed. enough air would get in to cool down everything. the side panel is mesh, the front is mesh with a 120mm fan. the top has a mesh, the bottem has mesh, and the back has a 120mm fan. so you should be good.
  18. Did you ever get the QVL. I'm getting a P5K-E wifi and had to download the manual to get it.
  19. No i didn't and I am having a hard time finding the QVL. I searched the forums. The main site was down.
  20. Try this link, just pick the version of the manual you want. You'll need Adobe reader to open it after the download. The Asus site is very s--l--o--w
  21. Thank you for the link.

    Could someone please tell me the difference between these 2 memory?

    Is it just b/c one i 1gig and the other is 2gigs. The model numbers are different. The bottom link is on the QVL for my mobo. If these 2 links are the same memory just different model numbers b/c of the quanity, I obviously want to get the 2gig kit. The mobo I want to buy is listed above on my first post.
  22. You have it right. As far as I know they are the same as regular ballistix, the tracers just have leds that light up when they have power, if anything else is different someone else will have let us know.
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