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Need help on next RAM purchase

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February 1, 2008 3:25:28 PM

I’m looking to upgrade (with future upgrades in mind) the RAM on my motherboard. My mobo is a ASUS P5W DH Deluxe. It can handle DDR2, 240-pin modules at 800, 667 and 533 GHz.

I currently have to 2 Gigs of Corsair 533 GHz RAM. I do not overclock my CPU. My current CPU is Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4 GHz.

I know at some point (in the next 12 to 18 months) I’ll upgrade the CPU and mobo. I’d like to recycle the RAM if possible into a future configuration

Is it worth getting 4 gigs of DDR2 800 GHz Ram? Or would I be better served by getting a new mobo & RAM and keep the same CPU? Is DDR3 RAM the future?


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February 1, 2008 8:22:43 PM

I'm no expert on these things, but Tom's hardware recently ran an article in which is said that performance increases form ddr3 weren't yet worth the cost.

My guess: It's not really clear what the world is going to look like in 12-18 months, since Intel's new Nehalem architecture is due out this year. This may or may not influence RAM requirements and prices. I know that Nehalem will move the memory controller from mobo to die, but I don't understand this stuff well enough to know what that means for RAM; it's supposed to re-dig a grave for AMD and bury them six feet *further* under with seven extra nails in the coffin for good measure (but never believe the hype.) And of course, I have no idea whether Nehalem is going to have reasonably priced/performance processors or whether a Wolfdale is going to be the proc for the near future.

On the other hand, RAM is SOOOOO cheap right now, you might as well just grab 2x1GB CAS 5 DDR2 800MHz for $50.

So there's the opinion of a guy who prefaced all of this with "I have no special clue what I'm talking about.
February 1, 2008 9:22:10 PM

philosofool said:

On the other hand, RAM is SOOOOO cheap right now, you might as well just grab 2x1GB CAS 5 DDR2 800MHz for $50.

Get the Ram now and worry about everything else in 12-20 months…

You cant go wrong.

**It is likely you’ll be throwing away the DDR2-800 in 12-20 months anyhow.