I want 6Mbps wireless and i am very confused and frustrated

Hey guys, I am pretty confused and pretty frustrated so any help would be very appreciated.

It all started when I decided to pay more for comcast 6 Mb/sec internet connection...but I want this speed wirelessly.

My MAIN concern is that I am getting a new desktop soon and I will not have the ability to hook it directly up to the cable... it will need to be wireless:

1. How can I (if even possible) get the 6 Mb/sec with wireless connection?
Cyberpower is offering these wireless cards:
-- PCI wireless 802.11g 54Mbps network adaptor
-- LINKSYS WMP110 802.11G PCI Network Card

My current router:
Netgear Rangemax wireless router WPN824 v2

Will either of those wireless cards allow for 6Mbps (i know it says 54, but i saw in another post that this isnt really true always...im confused about all that)

Will that router work for what I want (its like 4 years old i think)

right now i have a dell laptop i use and i DONT think i am getting the 6Mbps with it's wireless on that router

i do not know what card is in this dell, but it was the best laptop they offered about 3 - 4 years ago

Here is why I am very confused:
I can go to Speedtest.net to test my internet connection on this laptop right now and it says my stats are this:
download: 6.54 Mbps
upload: 1.76 Mbps
Ping: 51ms

BUT it also tells me this...to download each of the following it would take the stated time:
5 MB mp3: 6 seconds
35 MB video clip: 42 seconds
800 MB movie: 16 minutes

Why would it take so long to get those number of MBs when it claims i get 6.5 Mbps?? (shouldnt 800 MB be like 133 seconds ... just over 2 minutes?)

when i go to netflix and try to stream a movie, it often stops for a minute to let the load catch up or whatever (shouldnt speedtest.net number of 6Mbps let me at LEAST stream a movie without pauses??)

Ok i know this is a terribly long post with lots of questions, but i am SO confused and frustrated. I also really want my new desktop to have the fastest possible internet i can get. ANY help would be so appreciated, and i woud be SO greatful if all these inconsistencies and my misunderstanding to be explained.
Thank you very much in advance
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  1. its mega bits per second, not mega bytes per second

    i think its 8 bits to the byte, so basically x your calcuations by 8 and it will probably make more sense.
  2. Your actual wireless speed will depend on the distance the computer is from the router.

    Also, how many walls the signal must pass through will affect your speed.

    Your future desktop should have download speeds similar to your laptop, if nothing else is changed.
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