Any way to recover the data on my raid?

Ok so my motherboard just went kaput. I just ordered a new setup. I have 2 ide drives set up in a raid 0. How do I go about getting the data off of the raid? I understand this is a little noob of a question. Even forwarding me to a good post on this would be appreciated.

Thank you!
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  1. You need to use the same type raid controller or you cant get your data.
  2. You can use software RAID to recover. There are recovery utilities that have their own RAID engine, so they can easily recover RAID0's. Just make sure not to write to the disks, and put your controller in SATA/IDE mode, NOT in RAID mode; or the configuration may be overwritten.

    You should remember the stripesize you have chosen and the disk order.

    If that fails, i can probably recover using linux/bsd for you. But try with recovery tools first, those that support RAID.
  3. This is a prime example of why RAID-0's should be backed up if the data is not expendable.
  4. Yeah its easy to point with the finger, but the reality is that virtually all people run without redundancy and only few use proper backups to protect their data. We also have to distinguish powerusers who make their money with computers and thus rely on it a great deal, and ordinary computer users who would simply buy a new one if their HDD fails.

    I do recommend, to anyone, to have some sort of backup for data that is truely important and irreplaceable. Such as personal (digitized) photo's, documents, etc. Those should also be small enough to fit on some DVDs so no real reason not to make a backup.

    Halfstep: first thing you need to know is what RAID engine you used, did you connect to the chipset or some additional onboard controller? If its ICHxR you can buy mostly any intel board and it should still recognise your array.
  5. MrLinux said:
    Raid Reconstructor from

    +1 for RAID Reconstructor from This is, literally, all you need to get your data back.

    You DO NOT need buy a mobo with the same RAID controller or chipset to recover. RAID Reconstructor will do the trick. I've pulled data on a more than a few occasions from defunct RAID5 and RAID0 arrays, it's well worth the money. I also recommend GetDataBack and DiskExplorer, I believe that sells a package deal with all 3 applications at a slight discount.

    Also, sounds like a good opportunity to upgrade.

    Good luck!
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