My first build needs critic

So heres the build! I will be using this for crysis, COD4, and a bunch of other future dx10 games.

*What do you think?


Penium D 820 2.8GHz (its my old processor, im keeping till Q2 '08)

GPU I cant choose between the three...


MOBO Should i get this or the DS3L or DS3R???



I need help deciding on a PSU




Windows vista home premium



MY old HP f1905 19" SCREEN
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  1. for the motherboard, a DS3L should be enough for you, it's not futureproof, but with new chips coming, new motherboards aswell.

    about the gfx, im guessing, the more money you have the better you can take. get the 3850 if your abit short on cash, and the OCed GTS if you got some to spare. there is a significant difference, price and performance.

    psu, take a corsair 520, its a great psu and more than enough to power this rig.

    have fun.
  2. Hi,

    Looks like a good setup so far. Good move on haning onto the good old pentium D until the 45nm stuff, it will be worth it/ Just make sure you get a motherboard that can support the 45nm range.
    I would go with the EVGA 8800 gts if I was you for the gpu.
    Not really sure which is a better mobo but I would go with the one in the link.
    also a comment on the hard drive - unless your going to see through the clear cover and see everything a work, the X version of the raptor isn't worth the extra cash. Firstly, its more expensive, its MTBF (mean time before failure) is lower than the standard version, it runs a lot hotter and it is a lot noisier. I know its pretty cool but I have a completely clear case and I still went for the standard version! Up to you but I wouldn't really recommend it.
    Good choice of water cooling, swiftech are one of the best in the business for premade kits.

    everything else looks good.
  3. Go for the EVGA 8800GTS with Crysis included saving you $50 right off.

    For the Ram you can do better here for $49.99 AMIR.>>>>

    PC case I would get the Antec 900 for better airflow to keep you hardware cooler.
  4. Thanks for all the replys.

    -Yes im short on cash cause i need to buy a car as well, but dont mind spending the extra cash knowing im getting the best of the best. But is the performance diffference in that specific 3850 vs a regular 8800 GTS 512 (G92) enough to go for the G92?

    -Yes i will be overclocking and upgrading to 45nm.

    -Im getting the mobo i chose cause it has PCI-E express 2.0, but im not sure if that will make a difference so ill save $50 and go with DS3R.

    -I guess ill go with the crucial ballistix, iv heard that brand was great.

    -So the performance difference between the raptor and a regular 320 GB drive arent noticable?

    -What does modular mean? (Sorry i didnt have time for psu reseach)
  5. o nvm ur saying the x version of the raptor vs the regular raptor! I see... i didnt know i had seleced the x one in the first place ><
  6. To be honest not much hardware can take advantage of PCI-E 2.0 at the moment but if you can afford to it may be something useful for the future.

    Also make sure you check your motherboards compatibility with 45nm as not all motherboard support it.

    As for the performance of the raptor vs a standard 7200rpm drive, I personally noticed a speed change. I have my games installed on the raptor and I certainly now have much quicker load times in games like COD 4. Some say this may not be worth it, but if this is your primary HD then you will also experience other speed changes in eg boot/shut down time etc... and yes make sure you get the standard raptor.

    A modular PSU is one where the cables can be removed from the PSU, often saving a lot of room if your working in a smallish case. Personally I would get a modular next time as I like my case looking quite good so I do a bit of cable management. With a modular you can just remove the cables your not using instead of having to tie them up into a giant ball and try to hide them. Go with a modular if you can.
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