Jumper Settings: Dual Optical Drives?

I've never used SATA opticals - always IDE Drives. Anyways, I'm going to build with both a DVD-ROM and a DVD-Burner. With IDE ribbon cables, I'd set Master/Slave - my question is, since SATA drives are on different cables (does it matter if they're SATA I or II?), do you set the jumpers to anything special - and do SATA drives even have those jumpers.

I'm used to choosing either Master, Slave or Cable Select. I don't have the SATA drives yet so I don't know if they have those jumpers. And I damn sure don't know what, if anything, to set them to.

I'd appreciate some advice/guidence in this area. Drives are OEM, so they won't come with any instructions, etc.
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  1. Sata is point to point. They do not have jumpers. Connect as many as you wish, one per sata port.
  2. @bc4: This software interface is always being "messed with" by programmers in Paris (now) - so bugs pop-up and get resolved almost daily ... yeah, it sucks.

    @geofelt: I see your point. Thanks for clearing that up.
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