Trying to connect 2 IDE devices to one IDE connection?

I just installed a new motherboard. The Asus M2R32-MVP and it only has one IDE connection. Problem is, I have a DVD-R and my master HD that has my OS on it. Obviously the HD wins out, but how on earth am I supposed to have both working?

No cable is remotely long enough to reach all three connections, if that is even a possibility. Thoughts?
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  1. In that case, you have to manually configure master slave settings in your ide connections. On the back of the hard drive, use the dip switches to make your hard drive as master, and use the dip switch on your dvd-r as the slave.
  2. ^+1 and get a longer cable.
  3. You can't connect 3 devices, only 2. If you want third IDE drive you will have to add a control card, or use a SATA port and use a SATA to IDE converter.
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