I'm unable to download/install XP home SP3 security updates

What will it take to make windows error code 0X80200010 go away ?
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  2. What do I have to do to get rid of windows error code 0X80200010 ? The small amount of information available doesn't seem to apply to my situation. I believe I've tried most everything suggested by microsoft. My automatic updates worked fine until 3/11/10, the date of my last successful security update. I got a successful update to IE8 on 4/1/10 and that's it. Windows update tries to give me 10 updates now, and thy download okay but do not install successfully. I'm using AVAST! antivirus which seems to work very well. I'm also using Mozilla Threatfire and PCTOOLS firewall. In a few more days, I will be 3 months behind on my security updates. I need help, badly.
  3. The problem being most likely, that you are using Avast and PC tools firewall and mozilla threatfire all at the same time.. Unmatched security or multiple security programs running at the same time can cause conflicts and assorted problems. One of the three probably blocking the updates from installing, because it thinks that someone is trying to hijack your operating system.
    Important, Do a personal file backup, then:
    Turn off the avast, threatfire and PC tools, then install your updates. What other security did you install?

    Suggest you use a single all in one security application that has matched components, that do not conflict with each other, or conflict with the operating system file downloads.

    But speaking of MS updates, you may have more trouble after installing them. Be prepared with backups of your personal files.
    It's a good time to back up your personal files to DVD, CD or online backup service, before trying to install the updates as above.
    If the updates still fail to install, it would be a good idea to do a system restore, set the drive back to the time before the problem started. If you need help with the system restore just ask here in the forum. System restore does not erase your personal files, and is reversible.
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    Can not install windows XP security updates
  5. aford10 said:

    You are the person with the right few words. Following Your suggestion, step 2, clearing the BTTS queue solved my problem. I was able to download and install 12 security updates selected by the download site. I believe I'm back on automatic updates. I've been looking at the problem myself for more than a month without making any headway. Thank you very much. It's very generous of you to give your time, skills and knowledge freely as you do. jimorris77
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  7. Thanks jimorris. Happy to help. :)
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