new sata drives not appearing in windows...

I just bought a used computer and wanted to add 2 new internal sata hard drive. I hooked them up and they show up in the device manager and in bios but wont show up anywhere else. I want them to be just normal hard drives like the c drive is. One hard drive is brand new and the other has information on it and i know it works. I'm fairly new to PC's and am completely lost right now. I'm stuck can anyone help me?

Thank you so much,
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  1. Disk management... they will need to be imported or drive letter/formatting
  2. hey, thanks for responding.

    I have gone into disk management and although I can see my drives there they say they are only 128 gb when in fact they are 500gb. It will let them show up in windows but only as 128gb partitions. i want them to be at their full size. Also, I attached 2 other hard drives one was another blank one and it DID show up in windows and asked me if I wanted to format it. The other drive had information on it, but it wouldn't show up. I cant re format that one beacuse i need the information on it. How come sometimes it asks to format the drive and sometimes it doesn't with a fresh drive? And how come a drive that already has info on won't just "show up?"

    All help appreciated...
  3. thats a strange thing, usually new hard drives must be formatted in order for them to appear in windows. now in your case make sure that you are conecting the hard drive that have information as an Slave hard drive.
  4. its a sata drive, i thought they couldnt be slaves and masters. all the drives im hooking up are sata hard drives though the main hard drive that has windows on it that is hooked up and running is an ide hard drive. I still dont understand why they are only showing up as 128 gb partitions too.
  5. Just a question. What kind of operating system are you running? The reason why you might see the 128gb limit is the 137gb limit (128gb after formatted) if you are running windows xp with no service packs. If you have windows xp sp1, then you should be able to reformat your hard drive to 500gb.
  6. mm you are right about the sata drives. anyway make sure you have the sata drive activated it in the BIOS and in the mobo the sata have to be enable. also check for some updates from the mobo manufacturer, such as, BIOS updates, sata drivers updates and something important make sure you have all the windows updates such as Service Packs.
  7. ^+1 to pug_s

    Youll need to make sure your upgraded to SP1 preferably SP2 or 3 as 3 is the latest.
  8. im trying it now.... will let you know what happens! Thank you!
  9. Oh sorry, also to answer your question, i dont think i had any service packs. I was running off of windows xp from 2001 or 2002. I had a newer version but it died on me the other day and had to re install everything. And i couldnt find the discs from my newest version of windows so i had to use an old one. this has not been very fun. thank goodness this forum exists... thank you.
  10. Install Service Pack 3.
    If your running a dated windows then it pretty much explains your issue.
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