Partition planning multiple drives

Say I've got two drives, 80GB PATA and a 500GB SATA 3GB/s, which setup would give a good mix of system managibility and performance?

- C:\Windows

500GB -
- D:\Pagefile
- E:\Games
- F:\Data
- G:\Backups

500GB -
- C:\Windows
- D:\Games
- E:\Data

- F:\Pagefile
- G:\Backups
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  1. you don't need to create all those extra drive letters, that will just complicate things.

    just use the 80gb as your boot drive (c:)
    and the 500gb as your data drive (d:)

    put all your programs on c:
    all your data and pagefile on d:
  2. Your 500gb drive will be the faster drive. and the number of drives your suggesting is over the top... personally



    If you have important data youll be best to have backups on an external drive, maybe get an external enclosure and put the 80gb in that.
  3. The partitions aren't set in stone. I was just trying to give a general idea of file placement. I use Acronis true image and it creates a hidden fat32 partition for backups. So I guess I'll just slap a small partition at the begining of the 80GB for the PF and allocate the rest to acronis. Thanks for the help guys.
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