Evga dual slot 8800GT pure marketing for fools!

Evga has released a revolutionary product call the dual slot 8800GT:

this amazing device will allow faster clock times and cooler running operation! :hello: :hello:

Wow its called an 8800GTS 512 - i have 2! :sol: :sol:

Since the new 8800GTS is not going well and the 8800GT is so popular they renamed the 8800GTS the 8800GT dual slot! Wow what innovation, Well all you guys hyping the 8800GT when you should be using the much better 8800GTS (MSI 730mhz clock is what i am typing on) you got your wish!

Really I just thought this was funny, a dual slot 8800GT - nvidia can take the same chip and re-market it over and over - run up and upgrade all you 8800GT fanatics there is a bigger badder faster 8800GT. Mean while the 8800GTS can be had at a good discount with excellent free games for less!

ps: no 9800GTX in site - i think there is issues?????
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  1. If you did a little more research you'd see that the 8800GTS 512 has 128 processing cores to the 8800GT dual slot's 112.

    Thus, the specs on the dual slot are identical to the 8800GT, not the GTS. It IS exactly what it says it is; an 8800GT with a different cooler. I agree that it's still a marketing ploy, but you should probably get an idea of what you're talking about before you go spouting nonsense.
  2. You really don't have to dig up posts from January.
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